Getting Things Done, Procrastinating or Not

Procrastination should not be linked with failure, just as early action should not be tied to success.

On Knowing the Sex of Your Unborn Child

The desire to know the sex of our unborn children is motivated by emotion.

Why I Wish I Could Be a Narcissist

Simply put, life might be easier as a narcissist.

Why Time-Outs Need a Time Out

In using time-outs parents unintentionally convey that they are unable to contain or tolerate their own feelings.

Emotional Illusion: "The Queen of the Human Heart"

We may be inclined to hold an illusion as truth, especially when seeking pleasure or in matters of the heart.

Shame and the Pendulum of Blame

Often, our targets of blame are determined primarily by our states of mind rather than any objective reality.

Can You Accept a Compliment?

The wish for a compliment may result in discomfort when you receive one.

Homework Emotions in Children and Parents

A positive relationship between parent and child can happen around seeking relief from homework emotions that are negative.

The Shame of Breaking-up

Are women more woebegone than men when a romantic involvement ends?

Is It Love Or Is It Confusion?

Stimulating and exciting features of a relationship can motivate you to ignore the warning signs that it won't meet your needs.

Reflections on Pixar's "Inside-Out" and the Neglect of Shame

Distinguishing whether you are depressed because you have experienced a prolonged state of sadness, or because you have experienced a prolonged state of shame, is critically important.

What Excites You?

All love is based on the experience of positive emotion, and the part of love that makes your heart thump owes its power to the emotion of excitement that began in early childhood.

Why Bullies Don't Feel Bad (Or Don't Know They Do)

If you assume that bullies are aware of feeling bad about themselves, you may be ineffective in dealing with them.
Seeking Comfort the Impossible Way

Seeking Comfort the Impossible Way

Seeking comfort from eating, drinking, compulsive habits, contacting an ex, or from social media sites may hamper rather than help your self-esteem.
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How Blushing Exposes You, and Benefits You

Blushing may result from being embarrassed, humiliated, or mortified, but it can also help you save face.

When Smartphones Hurt

There are ways in which we use smartphones that can hurt, particularly when they garner your attention more than the person in front of you.

The iHuman Experience

Under what exact circumstances does absence make the heart grow fonder? And in what way does absence instead make the heart wander?

Happiness Can Make You Cry and Smiling Can Make You Happier

Why would you cry if you are happy? And why do you feel happy if you create a smile? Such paradoxical behavior is intriguing

Impossible Love

The object of impossible love is thought of as someone who can appease your desires, but for various reasons is beyond your reach.

Twins: In Defense of Togetherness

A belief that is neither validated by research nor supported by clinical observation is the contention that twins (multiples) should be separated when they attend school.

What Makes A Soulmate?

The ineffable experience of being known by and knowing another lends itself to the mythical image of soulmates as two wandering souls finally reuniting. From a psychological point of view, what is going on in soulmate relationships?

Song of the Longing Soul

The high notes you've had in your life may create a script that motivates you or leaves you longing.

Meanness Hurts

Meanness is shaming, threatening, or both. Yet recognizing that people can be mean includes acknowledging that you can be mean to yourself.

What Makes You Happy...Really?

From a psychological point of view, a state of happiness arises from the complex interaction among your biology, biography (history and culture), and physiological sensations.

When It's Over...Badly

When a relationship ends badly, memories of excitement, enjoyment, or joy are buried beneath a plethora of negative emotional responses.

"Rebound" Relationships

If you are dating someone who is rebounding, you may wonder if that person is capable of emotional attachment or if you are, instead, simply a substitute for love that was lost.

"Hooking-Up" Can Unhinge You

Being a "feminist" has become equated with not being overly involved in a relationship.

Jealousy and Envy: The Emotions of Comparison and Contrast

When you experience envy or jealousy you have an opportunity to learn about yourself.

When Being Giving Doesn't Give You What You Need

Joyful and enjoyable feelings will motivate you to give, but the absence of mutuality may result in a painful emotional experience.

Loneliness, Shame, and Anguish

The assumption that anguish is the affect experienced when you are lonely is plausible, yet the notion that shame is involved in lonely states may seem incongruous.