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Moody or Sad? Check Your Plate

Food's Intimate Relationship With Mood

Posted Jun 15, 2010

If you're suffering from depression, anxiety, unexplained sadness, irritability and other false moods that interfere with your capacity to enjoy life, believe it or not, there is a powerful nutritional connection.

Emotional eating is a vicious cycle of cravings, short-term relief after indulging--or an all out binge, followed by a mood crash, and back to cravings again.

It's time to stop the cycle and nourish the brain chemicals responsible for mood and well-being. To find out more, go to: http://www.drhoffman.com/page.cfm/778.

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Leyla Muedin

Leyla Muedin is a clinical nutritionist and lecturer at the Hoffman Center in New York City.

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