Introduction to Integrative Mental Health Care

Are you curious about new ideas in mental health care? Integrative mental health is a new paradigm that uses treatments from Western medicine and alternative medicine (CAM).

Quantitative Electroencephalography in Mental Health Care

Are you looking for more an advanced approach that can help you evaluate abnormal brain activity in OCD, depressed mood or bipolar disorder? QEEG brain wave analysis could help.

The Role of Functional Medicine in Mental Health Care

Are you curious about recent advances in assessment of mental health problems? Functional medicine offers a range of promising approaches.

Psychiatric Assessment is Evolving

Are you trying to understand what is causing your anxiety, depressed mood or another mental health problem? New approaches in assessment are providing better answers!

High Use of Alternative Therapies in Mental Health Care

Do you have anxiety, depressed mood, or another mental health problem that hasn't gotten better with medication? Many alternative therapies are safe and effective.

Patients and Doctors Are in Favor of Alternative Therapies

More and more people are using alternative therapies to treat mental health problems, and doctors are increasingly referring their patients to alternative therapies.

The Near-Death Experience (NDE)

Have you or a loved one had a near-death experience during a medical emergency? New research findings are helping us understand what takes place in the brain.

Emerging Methods for Assessing Causes of Depressed Mood

Conventional approaches to identify the causes of depressed mood are limited. Emerging assessment approaches are shedding new light on treatable causes of depression.

Ginkgo Biloba for Mild to Moderate Dementia

If you or a loved one are thinking about trying Ginkgo for a memory problem, first review the evidence. Findings for Ginkgo in dementia are inconsistent.

Dietary Changes Reduce Alzheimer's Risk

Are you worried about developing Alzheimer's disease? Simple dietary changes can reduce your risk.

L-Theanine Reduces Symptoms of Anxiety

Are you looking something that is safer than a prescription medication for anxiety? L-theanine may be the answer.

Kava Is an Effective and Safe Treatment of Anxiety

Are you struggling with generalized anxiety and not getting relief from prescription medications? Kava may be the solution you've been looking for.

Preventing PTSD After Trauma

Is your PTSD getting little relief from psychological treatments? Emerging technology-based therapies are proving both effective and safe.

Biofeedback for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

If you are experiencing symptoms of PTSD that have not responded to medications or usual forms of psychotherapy innovative biofeedback approaches may bring relief.

Meditation Reduces Anxiety

Is the stress of daily life wearing you out? A few simple mindfulness practices can go a long way.

Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy for PTSD in the military

Are you struggling with PTSD and getting limited results from conventional medications and psychotherapy? Virtual reality graded exposure therapy (VRGET) may help.

Treating Anxiety Without Using Prescription Medications

Are you struggling with anxiety and not getting relief from a medication? Natural supplements, mind-body approaches and other alternative therapies can make a difference.

Cutting Down on Drinking or Drugs the Natural Way

Is your drinking or drug use getting out of control? Natural supplements and other non-medication approaches can help.

Sleep Disturbances Have Many Causes

Is chronic insomnia wearing you down? Learning about different kinds of sleep problems and their causes may help you find a more effective treatment.

Post-Traumatic Stress: Emerging Treatment Strategies

Are you struggling with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder? If medications aren't helping, complementary and alternative treatments can help you feel and function better.

Dietary Changes Reduce Relapse Risk in Alcoholics

If you have a drinking problem you may not be getting essential nutrients because of toxic effects of alcohol on your digestive system. Simple dietary changes can help.

Amino Acids reduce Alcohol Use, Intoxication and Withdrawal

Are you having problems cutting down drinking, resisting the urge to drink or managing unpleasant symptoms of alcohol withdrawal? Taking amino acids can help.

Effective Non-medication Treatments of Dementia

If you are worried about memory problems or you've recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease many alternative therapies may help.

Treating Insomnia Without Using Prescription Medications

Are you taking a sleep aid that no longer works or is causing side effects? Many non-medication approaches can help you get the sleep you need avoiding prescription drugs.

Cutting Down on Drinking or Drugs the Natural Way

Is your drinking or drug use getting out of control? Natural supplements and other non-medication approaches can help.

Eliminating Holiday Stress the Natural Way

Is chronic stress wearing you out? Natural supplements and mind-body approaches can help.

Integrative Treatments of Depressed Mood

If you are currently struggling with depression and taking a medication that isn’t working, or you're experiencing side effects it's time to consider alternative therapies