Life and the Essence of Adolescence

During a summer vacation on a lake in Wisconsin, I look at my son and daughter, my nieces and nephews, and soak it all in. Life is a passing of these moments, I know, ones we cannot hold onto. A startling discovery of exploring this important adolescent period of life is that the ESSENCE of adolescence is also the key way to keep our brains vital and growing.

Brain Insights and Well-Being

Brain regions and linking their functions enable more effective integration.

Brain Insights and Well-Being

Linking neurons through synapse formation and modulation provides the basis of memory and learning.

Brain Insights and Well-Being

With integration emerges coherence and harmony, the basis of health.

Mindfulness as Integration

Mindfulness is an integrative practice that promotes integration in mind, in relationships, and in body.

Mind, Emotion, and the Spectrum of Autism

By understanding the core features of Autism Spectrum as involving social communication, sensory integration, and emotional regulation, we are scientifically informed and better equipped to help those with challenges in these important dimensions of life to develop the social and emotional skills necessary to function well and thrive in our complex world.

The Self Is Not Defined by the Boundaries of Our Skin

What is the mind? It is our connectivity to "Me" as well as "We." Honoring our sense of "MWe" can bring us greater wisdom, integration, and empathic joy.

Changing the Cultural Conversation About Adolescence

Our modern culture promotes many myths about adolescence. We can, however, come together to encourage better social connections with our teens and change the conversation to reveal adolescence as a time of positive change for us all.

Pruning, Myelination, and the Remodeling Adolescent Brain

How do changes in the brain during adolescence lead to integration and more efficient functioning? Pruning and myelination are at the heart of this vital period of remodeling.

The ESSENCE of Adolescence

How can we change the conversation about adolescence? Encouraging four vital factors of adolescence can inspire health and well-being not only in our teenagers but in ourselves.