Toward a Solution for World Peace

You throw your hands up in dismay after each new publicized violent act. "What is going on in the world?!" you ask. See if you think this solution for world peace could work.

Study: Telling the Truth May Actually Improve Your Health

Read about the amazing health benefit of "always meaning what you say." This idea was tested with a sample of 72 adults just this year. Half of them were randomly assigned to a Sincere group that was given these instructions to follow over a 5-week course. As compared with a control group, the Sincere group reported on average 7 fewer physical complaints in the last week.

Two Kinds of People in the World

It is said that there are two kinds of people: givers and takers. But that label is not particularly helpful in predicting how a given person will act in a given instance. Knowing whether the people in your life emphasize form over substance will help you see the world through their eyes. Your understanding could keep you from being exploited and bring peace of mind.

Sexual Double-Standard: Big Lie That Hurts Women AND Men

If a man wants to have sex AND be honest about his intentions, he might try saying, “Look I have a burning desire to be with you physically. As with you, it might or might not lead to anything. But I most definitely would not view you differently – only a pig would – if you agree. Of course, I wouldn’t tell anyone. And I will try my hardest to please you physically.”

Searching For Mona: Finding That Heart-of-Gold Hottie

You managed to free yourself from an arrogant woman. A far more appealing woman is out there for you. She loathes to put herself above others or exaggerate her skills and talents. She will believe you when you say you are sincere, kind, and committed because her own heart is sincere. The world opens up with a woman like this. And she is far sexier than you may imagine.

How to End Up With the Right Partner

Your spouse's belittling behavior is appalling to you. You wouldn’t dream of treating a mouse running loose in your home with such abuse. Yet your spouse—your “lover”—feels entitled to bully you and your young child this way. You ask yourself, “How did I ever get trapped in this God-forsaken, unfair marriage?!”

Want to Know if Your New Man Is Sincere?

It's tough to know where you stand with an arrogant man. He obstructs the truth to protect his inflated image. At least you don't have to wonder if he is honest—his shallow sense of entitlement tells you that he is not. A humble man, however, is sincere and easy-going. He is like a crystal-clear pond that is also black because the bottom is so very far from the surface.

Hey Everybody, "I'm not racist!"...A Call to (Open) Arms

“How could racism and sexism have persisted into the modern era?” A key to solving this puzzle may come from understanding the motivations of humble, honest people. A great many of them may be hiding the truth: They are devoid of racism or sexism. They don't reveal these truths or confront oppressors because they question their own motives and have high regard for others.

Is "Generation Me" a fair label based on the evidence?

College students today know they have been pegged as Generation Me. However, the empirical foundation for claiming that there has been a rise in narcissism among college students must be called into question.

What Do Tests of Statistical Significance Reveal?

Are statistics lies as some experts have claimed? What exactly is their purpose? Read on to understand once and for all the essential role of statistics in the interpretation of results.

Doormats Unite: Confronting the Big Liar in Your Life

People who lie to us often wrongly interpret "beyond a reasonable doubt" as "100% proof". However, you do not need 100% proof to take action! You can use the implausibility of the liars' claims to decide that they are indeed lying.

Who Falls for Dishonest People? Not Who You'd Expect

If you are an honest person stuck with a narcissistic partner, don’t think of yourself as a sucker. It is because of your wonderful qualities of sincerity, fairness, and modesty that such a haughty and dishonest person could wiggle into your life.

People Pleasers Are Underrated

“Who wouldn’t encourage their kids to be people pleasers? And who wouldn’t want to be around such persons?” After all, people pleasers pay their fair share of expenses, do their fair share of work, and have in general a high regard for other people. Yet far from being spineless, they are the very ones who will stick up for you when you really need it.

What is the real difference between an MD and PhD?

If you think someone with a PhD is less qualified than someone with an MD when it comes to having cutting-edge knowledge, you have that backwards.

How Can You Tell If You're Going to Succeed or Land the Position?

When people try to guess whether they are going to succeed at a task or land a position, they tend to focus on themselves. However, research suggests that if you really want to know whether you are going to succeed, you should look at the competition, not in the mirror.

That Ex-Lover Who Keeps Popping Up in Your Dreams

Having dreams of your ex-boyfriend lately? Maybe it's because you are about to ovulate.

Why Great-Looking People Are Sexier than Brilliant People

We might say that we value intelligence in a prospective lover. And yet our bodies can respond very powerfully to a great-looking, but not-so-brilliant partner. Why aren't the smartest people also the sexiest ones?

The Christmas Con

 Planning to do some Christmas shopping? Be prepared for the con artists who hit you up for money.

Oops! I apologize for not being the person you meant to email.

Why is it so difficult to communicate through email? What can you do to communicate better? Read about several key psychological priniciples that can help explain the challenge of communicating electronically.

That Racist Comment at a Dinner Party...

How do you deal with a racist comment at a party? You want to be polite, but you object to this kind of remark.

Is Your Spouse's Extreme Weight Gain a Good Excuse for an Affair?

Wives are more likely to have a major weight gain; and husbands are more likely to be bothered by a spouse's weight gain. But are weight gain and the accompanying loss of attraction legitimate excuses for an affair?

Are People Who Act Superior Really Insecure?

Research has shown that maltreated and neglected children may say that they are great, yet they don't like the sight of themselves in the mirror.

How a Notre Dame Student Could Die So Senselessly

Understanding the social pressures that led to Declan Sullivan's death.

"Bad Karma" Is Real

Angry people bring about their own heart attacks.

Kids at Top Schools Have Less Confidence in Their Intelligence

Students of similar academic potential who attend higher-ability, as compared with lower-ability, high schools have lower academic self-concepts.

"I Am Not a Witch..."

Research suggests that Christine O'Donnell's ad wasn't so dumb after all.

How College Students Respond to Being Propositioned for Sex

Discover how many male versus female college students accepted an offer of sex from one of their opposite-sex peers.

Newsflash for Investors and Gamblers: Winning Causes Losing

Two new experiments show that winning caused gamblers to bet recklessly.

Being Taken Advantage of? Maybe It's Because You're Lonely

Puzzled by times in your life when you let someone take advantage of you? Maybe it was because you were so lonely that you were willing to accept less from people than you are now.