How Many Sex Partners Does It Take to Be Happy?

When it comes to sex, most people will agree that the partnered version is better than the solitary one. But how many partners?

Beyond Abstinence-Only: Sex Ed Should Be Sex Positive

Sex education should focus on what sex is about in our time: Connection, pleasure, and (planned) parenthood.

10 Ways to Tell Good Therapy From Bad

Good therapy is not hard to find, if you know what to look for.

Rape is Not (Only) About Power; It’s (Also) About Sex

The common explanation that ‘rape is not about sex’ is long on ideology, but short on accuracy.

Ritual Killing: In 2016, Resolve to Forego Mindless Rituals

Social rituals are useful, perhaps necessary, but their dark side should not be overlooked.

STIs: Risky, Scary, or Just Stigmatized?

Abstaining from sex is promoted as the way to avoid sex-related risk. Yet, abstaining from driving is not promoted as the way to avoid driving-related risks. Why the difference?

Sex and Happiness: Natural Allies or Strange Bedfellows?

Sex and happiness are linked, we know that. How exactly are sex and happiness linked? We don’t know that.

Is Marriage Worth It For Women?

Why are women more likely than men to initiate divorce?

Political Correctness Is Bad, When Applied Incorrectly

Trigger Warning: This piece may deeply frustrate those who feast on political correctness hysteria

Going Down is Coming Up: Oral Sex and its Confusions

Oral sex is popular, playful, and pleasurable, yet absent from most Sex Ed curricula.

The Causes of Infidelity: Players Gonna Play?

At some point in their lives most Americans enter a monogamous intimate relationship. Over time, up to half will stray. Why?

Good Guys Finish Last? Not So Fast…

“Good guys finish last,” goes the familiar lament of many ‘good’ men. “All the good guys are taken,” goes the familiar lament of many good women. So, which is it?

How to Understand the Germanwings Crash

The crash of Germanwings flight 9525, a murder-suicide perpetrated by co-pilot Andreas Lubitz killing all 150 people on board, is raising questions about how to account for, and protect ourselves against, such shocking instance of manmade terror.

Jealousy Hurts Love, or Does It?

Jealousy in relationships is common and universal, with deep evolutionary origins. Research shows it can affect relationships in complicated and surprising ways.

A Visit to the Psychiatric Hospital Made Me Sick

Our psychiatric inpatient care system is insufficient and often detructive. But the inpatient population is not a wealthy, vocal, or well-organized pressure group. In our current cultural moment, without a strong voice in the Halls of Power, you may well end up wandering aimlessly down the corridors of an ill-staffed and ill-equipped hospital ward, talking to yourself.

Why We Can't Stay Focused During Sex, and Why It Matters

We frequently think about sex when we’re not having it. But when we’re actually having sex, our thoughts often wander, undermining our sexual functioning and enjoyment.

How to Stop Worrying and Get on With Your Life

The solution to the problem of excessive worry is in asking the right questions.

Laws of Attraction: How Do We Select a Life Partner?

What makes two people pick one another from among the myriad available candidates? Psychology studies have long been trying to answer this question, and with considerable success.

Why Do Men Sexually Assault Women?

More often than not, sexual violence against women is an expression—rather than a violation—of deep themes within the American social consciousness.

Fast Company: Figuring Out Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation has been around a long time. But it is now better understood and treated than in the past.

Looking for a Soul Mate? You Can Do Better.

The idea of the soul mate is great for what it is: glorious fiction. In real life, it may be a recipe for trouble.

The Surprising Science of Pillow Talk

The time period right after intercourse may serve an important function in solidifying relationships

Silence of the Facts: Sexual Values Aren’t Beholden to Data

Science can discover what was, observe what is, and predict what will be. But it is agnostic on the question of what should be.

Why You Might Share More Intimately Online

Do we communicate more honestly and intimately online than in person? Or is "cyber intimacy" a contradiction in terms?

How We Remember Our First Sexual Experiences

Remember the first time you had sex? How pleasurable was it for you? How anxious were you? How guilty did you feel? The answer depends in great part on your gender.

Sexual Communication 2: Non-Bedroom Edition

Parents could help their children, and physicians their patients, if they had the courage and the skills to broach the topic of sex. They don’t.

Why Aren't We Talking to Our Partners About Sex?

We love to read about it, watch it on TV, in the movies, and on the Internet. We even enjoy having it. But talk to our partners about sex, the sex that we are—or about to be—having? Not so much.

Sexual Satisfaction: Highly Valued, Poorly Understood

Sexual satisfaction is an easy concept to grasp, but not to study. Despite recent advances, we are still far away from a thorough understanding of the causes and implications of this important component of a happy life.

Feminine Foes: New Science Explores Female Competition

A host of studies in recent years have shown convincingly that the traditional view of women as passive and uncompetitive is wrong. Women, it turns out, are engaged in a competition of their own, aggressively jockeying for position in a battle to secure a suitable mate.

Mating Motives: Hook Up Orgasms and Relationship Mercy Sex

New studies show that women achieve orgasm less frequently in hook up sex as compared to sex in a relationship. But that may not mean the sex is not worth having. In understanding both hook up and relationship sex, the question of motive looms large.