TV's "This Is Us" Reflects Our Misguided Need for Closure

The death of a popular TV character created a media frenzy. What does this say about our most basic human needs?

Why People Give Unsolicited Advice (Though No One Listens)

Why do so many people give unsolicited advice? Don't they know most of it goes unheeded? Moreover, do they do it for themselves or for the person they are supposedly helping?

How Often Should New Couples See Each Other?

The once-a-week rule could save many new relationships from burning out too soon.

Jimmy Kimmel's Halloween Candy Prank: Harmful Parenting?

Parents pranking young children begs the following question: When does it become abusive or exploitative?

How Parents Can Warn Their College Kids About Sexual Assault

Parents can play an instrumental role in trying to reduce the risks of sexual assault with their children if they routinely discuss the issue and remind them how it happens.

How to Plan a Mindful Vacation That Can Change Your Life

The smartest, most mindful thing you can do when planning a vacation is to ask yourself one basic question: What do I need emotionally and physically at this point in time?

The Root of Overprotective Parenting: Codependent Parents?

Overprotective parents say they have their child's best interests in mind. Is it true?

Are You Part of an Independent Couple or Codependent Couple?

One of the best things you can do for your relationship is to ask your partner if he or she ever feels claustrophobic in the relationship.

Loving or Having Sex with a Woman Who's Been Raped

If a woman you are with romantically or sexually tells you that she has been raped, don't treat her like a lab specimen or museum exhibit.
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Is It Possible to Be Too Sexually Attracted to Someone?

If you meet someone you feel extremely sexually attracted to, you must ask yourself a few basic questions - or else.

When Your Child Falsely Accuses You of Child Abuse: My Story

When my son recently falsely accused me of "child abuse," I researched the issue and found very little support online. Here, I offer guidance that can hopefully help other parents.
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The True Roots of Narcissism

Literature on narcissism and the public's understanding of it focuses on superiority, or the narcissist's pursuit of it. The actual root of the personality is something else.

Stop Obsessing or Fixating With a Fast Cognitive Technique

One cognitive technique takes only a minute or two to do, and it can reroute your mood and thinking instantly. Why stay stuck in a bad mood or fixated on something negative?
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6 Ways to Reignite Your Attraction to Your Partner

Many couples deal with dying passion and a loss of sexual attraction. But couples can feel attracted to each other again if they are willing to do the work.

The 6 Most Common Prejudices in the Dating World

Some common prejudices in dating are obvious and others are hard to spot. Here are the most common prejudices that exist in the dating world.

Blame the Pedophiles, Not Their Wives

Yes, the wives or girlfriends of pedophiles have instincts, and those instincts will often tell them that something is wrong. But blaming these women is unfair and wrong.

Depression and Drugs in Paradise: A Famous Island Suffers

When people think of Martha's Vineyard, they may think of celebrities and presidents who vacation there. The reality: the island suffers from a heroin problem, among others.
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The Disturbing Link Between Narcissism and Sadism

Some narcissists are sadistic, getting gratification from punishing or hurting others. Few people are more dangerous, especially if they are in positions of power.

How Are You Self-Destructive? 4 Obvious and 4 Hidden Ways

Everyone gets self-destructive in one way or another, and people do it to varying degrees. Some ways are obvious, while others are more hidden.

How to Handle an Awful Boss: Tricks to Avoid Engaging

A bad boss is bad due to one of two problems: personality issues or incompetence. Sadly, it's the ones with personality issues that cause employees the greatest distress.

5 Signs That You Are Dealing With a Control Freak

Individuals we call "control freaks" live by a set of principles and expectations that cause resentments in those close to them. Sadly, they will rarely admit when they are wrong.

Nancy Reagan and Posthumous Idealization and Misremembering

Nancy Reagan was a complicated personality no more worthy of being lionized upon her death than any of us. What do estrangements from her children indicate?

When Your Child Says "F*ck You": Managing the Unthinkable

By saying or shouting "F*ck you" at a parent, a child is violating a sacred law about respecting roles within the family system.

3 Sure Signs of a Relationship at Risk

Relationships don't end for mysterious reasons. If you learn to watch for the signs, you can see it ending clearly.
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The Price of Loving Someone Borderline or Narcissistic

Loving someone who is severely borderline or narcissistic sets the stage for one of the most heartbreaking relationships a person can have.

The Psychopath and Violence: Predatory and Affective

Most people believe that the psychopath is controlled and calculating when he or she is violent, but psychopaths display a second type of violence that can be equally dangerous.

The 3 Types of Parents Most Likely to Become Bitter

Parenting for some is a pleasant and heartwarming experience overall. For other parents, however, parenting has caused them to feel overwhelmed and bitter. What causes bitterness in parents? A few simple factors make a major difference.

The 3 Least Helpful Things People Say to Parents

People make some truly nonsensical comments to parents, which reflect both a lack of empathy and memory lapse of what it was like when their own children were young. Parents hear these three statements all the time, inducing a familiar and powerful cringe.

6 Ways That Narcissists Parent

5. They really, really care about the name of the college their kid gets into.

Your Field Guide to the Female Psychopath

A recent assessment with a 27-year old female psychopath offers a tragic reminder that female psychopaths can be just as deadly as their male counterparts.