How to Handle an Awful Boss: Tricks to Avoid Engaging

A bad boss is bad due to one of two problems: personality issues or incompetence. Sadly, it's the ones with personality issues that cause employees the greatest distress.

5 Signs That You're Dealing With a Control Freak

Individuals we call "control freaks" live by a set of principles and expectations that cause resentments in those close to them. Sadly, they will rarely admit when they are wrong.

Nancy Reagan and Posthumous Idealization and Misremembering

Nancy Reagan was a complicated personality no more worthy of being lionized upon her death than any of us. What do estrangements from her children indicate?

When Your Child Says "F*ck You": Managing the Unthinkable

By saying or shouting "F*ck you" at a parent, a child is violating a sacred law about respecting roles within the family system.

3 Sure Signs of a Relationship at Risk

Relationships don't end for mysterious reasons. If you learn to watch for the signs, you can see it ending clearly.

The Price of Loving Someone Borderline or Narcissistic

Loving someone who is severely borderline or narcissistic sets the stage for one of the most heartbreaking relationships a person can have.

The Psychopath and Violence: Predatory and Affective

Most people believe that the psychopath is controlled and calculating when he or she is violent, but psychopaths display a second type of violence that can be equally dangerous.

The 3 Types of Parents Most Likely to Become Bitter

Parenting for some is a pleasant and heartwarming experience overall. For other parents, however, parenting has caused them to feel overwhelmed and bitter. What causes bitterness in parents? A few simple factors make a major difference.

The 3 Least Helpful Things People Say to Parents

People make some truly nonsensical comments to parents, which reflect both a lack of empathy and memory lapse of what it was like when their own children were young. Parents hear these three statements all the time, inducing a familiar and powerful cringe.

6 Things Narcissistic Parents Do

Narcissistic parents can be found across every ethnicity and socioeconomic demographic. Could you be a narcissistic parent? Keep in mind that the truly narcissistic parent would never see that they do any of the things mentioned in this article!

Your Field Guide to the Female Psychopath

A recent assessment with a 27-year old female psychopath offers a tragic reminder that female psychopaths can be just as deadly as their male counterparts.

Why Female Celebrities Get Stuck in Public Feuds

Three music superstars - Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry - recently acted out what happens on playgrounds between females far and wide. Why do they do it? It has to do with what's called "relational aggression."

7 Reasons Why We Envy Our Friends (and Vice Versa)

Envy is an ugly—but totally human—cluster of feelings. When it strikes a friendship, the friendship can seriously suffer. Beware these seven common triggers.

Duggar Sisters Interview: Disturbing Message About Sex Abuse

The Duggar sisters' attempt to whitewash the sexual abuse is problematic, sending a message to perpetrators and victims that a little over-the-clothes touching isn't really so bad.

Parenting Kids Who Simply Don't Get Along

If you have kids who simply don't get along, focus on separating them and encouraging solo play. It's a lot harder to parent kids who don't get along than those who have the usual sibling spats, so don't add stress to your life by telling yourself they should get along better. Parents already deal with enough 'shoulds.'

Mental Illness On Reality TV: Helpful Or Harmful?

A new TV show begs a very basic question: Does showing the intensely emotional moments of untreated mentally ill individuals help or harm the overall cause?

7 Signs of People With Integrity

Some very basic signs of integrity are dreadfully rare but the good news is that we're not born with or without it, so we can change how much we show in everyday life.

Why Parents of Chronically Ill Children Deserve Respect

Most of us have no idea about the challenges parents of chronically ill children face. Seeing your child in pain takes a toll, so the rest of us must do our part and recognize their unique parenting experience and contribution.

When You Should (and Shouldn't) Be Friends with Your Ex

Most people cut off contact with an ex once the relationship ends, but shouldn't there be a core of friendship that can continue? Do we have to approach relationships in such an all-or-nothing way?

Breaking Up with a Friend: A Unique Type of Hurtfulness

The pain of breaking up with a friend can be as painful as that of breaking up with a lover.

When Does Plastic Surgery Become Masochistic, Self-Torture?

My own recent experience with plastic surgery brought greater wisdom than my clinical training or experience counseling men and women. Is it, by definition, psychologically unhealthy to pursue (cosmetically motivated) plastic surgery?

Why We Judge Our Friends

You may want to believe you don't judge your best friend, but social judgments may be an inevitable part of human relationships.

Sex and the Psychopath

Psychopaths have sex, but the way they do it serves a higher purpose. The local bar is often a place where psychopaths find it easiest to ensnare their next prey.

The 3 Reasons We Can Get Jealous

Not all jealousy is equal as there are several different types - and one is often mislabeled as jealousy. Which type have you had experience with in your relationships?

Women, Monogamy, and Hookup Culture: Not the Same as Men?

A new study suggests that women need love to have peak sexual satisfaction. But isn't this just another version of "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus?"

How to Leave a Relationship Emotionally–But Stay

There are more than two options–staying together or breaking up–when unhappy in a long-term relationship. Figure out how to leave the relationship emotionally while staying right where you are.

Why Are Unhappy Parents Unhappy?

Unhappy parents usually didn't get what they needed from their own parents.

Estranged From Your Parents Or Siblings: An Overview

Estranging yourself from family is, perhaps, among the most counter-intuitive of all human behaviors.

American Parents: How a Japanese Vacation Benefits Your Kids

On a recent trip to Japan, I realized how many lessons my young children could learn from such an entirely different culture. If only all American parents had the financial luxury of traveling with their children to cultures all across the world.

My Dating Article Harshly Reviewed, With Response

A recent review of my Psychology Today article (about how to detect signs that you're getting brushed off by a new date) is dismissive of anecdotal data drawn from a therapist's clinical work. I focus on teasing out the important questions we can answer, having to do with the debate about the value, dangers and purpose of both research-based and pop psychology.