Why Parents of Chronically Ill Children Deserve Respect

Most of us have no idea about the challenges parents of chronically ill children face. Seeing your child in pain takes a toll, so the rest of us must do our part and recognize their unique parenting experience and contribution.

When You Should (and Shouldn't) Be Friends with Your Ex

Most people cut off contact with an ex once the relationship ends, but shouldn't there be a core of friendship that can continue? Do we have to approach relationships in such an all-or-nothing way?

Why Friendship Breakups Can Be So Painful

Tell someone you had a romantic breakup and everyone pours on the sympathy. But people get broken up with by friends, too, and no one talks about it. Why not? Isn't the loss often as painful?

When Does Plastic Surgery Become Masochistic, Self-Torture?

My own recent experience with plastic surgery brought greater wisdom than my clinical training or experience counseling men and women. Is it, by definition, psychologically unhealthy to pursue (cosmetically motivated) plastic surgery?

Why We Judge Our Friends

You may want to believe you don't judge your best friend, but social judgments may be an inevitable part of human relationships.

Sex, Sexuality and the Psychopath/Sociopath: An Introduction

Psychopaths have sex, but the way they do it serves a higher purpose. The local bar is often a place where psychopaths find it easiest to ensnare their next prey.

The 3 Reasons We Can Get Jealous

Not all jealousy is equal as there are several different types - and one is often mislabeled as jealousy. Which type have you had experience with in your relationships?

Women, Monogamy, and Hookup Culture: Not the Same as Men?

A new study suggests that women need love to have peak sexual satisfaction. But isn't this just another version of "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus?"

How to Leave a Relationship Emotionally–But Stay

There are more than two options–staying together or breaking up–when unhappy in a long-term relationship. Figure out how to leave the relationship emotionally while staying right where you are.

Unhappy Parents Didn't Receive Good Parenting As Kids

Men and women who didn't get what they needed from their own parents as children will inevitably feel more conflicted and resentful as they parent children of their own - especially when their children are young and need vast amounts of attention.

How to Conduct a Family Estrangement (and Why They're Awful)

Estranging yourself from family is, perhaps, among the most counter-intuitive of all human behaviors. And yet as I explain, sometimes it a downright necessity despite the sadness and anxiety estrangements cause for everyone involved.

American Parents: How a Japanese Vacation Benefits Your Kids

On a recent trip to Japan, I realized how many lessons my young children could learn from such an entirely different culture. If only all American parents had the financial luxury of traveling with their children to cultures all across the world.

My Dating Article Harshly Reviewed, With Response

A recent review of my Psychology Today article (about how to detect signs that you're getting brushed off by a new date) is dismissive of anecdotal data drawn from a therapist's clinical work. I focus on teasing out the important questions we can answer, having to do with the debate about the value, dangers and purpose of both research-based and pop psychology.

Narcissistic Parents’ Psychological Effect on Their Children

The young children of narcissistic parents live life in an anxious, confused state; later, they seek stormy romantic partners as a result of having received the metaphoric Narcissistic Parenting Program.

I Love a Narcissist. Now What?

If you're in a relationship with a narcissist, you need to make a careful plan — or your sanity and self-esteem can be destroyed.

How to Decipher Your Date

If you're on the receiving end of of any of these four rampant brush-off techniques, identify it for what it is, address it, and then consider moving on.

How Men Bully Women: Bad Tempers and Tantrums

A man having a bad temper should be considered as dangerous and destructive as, say, smoking. So why do many outburst-prone men get away with it?

The Sociopathic Child: Myths, Parenting Tips, What to Do

Adolescents make sociopathy even more mysterious than it already is, but parents can still help to turn things around - or at least never give up - before the child reaches adulthood.

Taylor Swift: Why People Love to Hate Her Music and Persona

Taylor Swift is hated by some, but this is an extremely psychologically gifted woman, and it's likely her success and her apparent self-love that engenders envy in others.

Short Men: Why Women Aren't Attracted Enough to Date Them

It's unfair—and illogical—how women and gay men scorn short men as prospective romantic and sexual partners.

Dating Mistakes: Sexual Caution and Other Turn-Offs

Being too sexually cautious is one of the most common dating mistakes men and women make.

Envy the Parents of Special Needs Children: Part Two

Parents of special needs children are more mature, compassionate, and tougher-minded as a result of their unique parenting experience.

Pity the Parents of Special Needs Children—Part One

The truth about parenting special needs children is that the parents' quality of life often suffers significantly—and the parents' own lives can (kind of) fall apart.

"Toxic" Men: A Meaningless Word to Describe Dating Bad Guys

The word "toxic" has been fully accepted into the mainstream, especially as a descriptor of 'bad' men. Who brought such a meaningless term into my house?

Women Who Hate Other Women: The Psychological Root of Snarky

As a male psychologist, I am occasionally surprised by the degree of spite some women feel toward other women they don't know well. While I don't blame the women, I do believe the culture is largely responsible.

Borderline Personality Men: Comparison to Women, Cause

There are too many myths about borderline personality to count, but perhaps the greatest myth has to do with gender - and, boy, do borderline women get a bad rap.

Why Hollywood Actresses Are Narcissistic & Beauty-Obsessed

Jennifer Aniston's recent comments about how she has "erased" her age are truly baffling - and deeply misguided.

Victim of Romantic Cyberstalking: Signs, What to Do, Coping

Cyberstalking is more upsetting for victims than general stalking - and that is saying a lot!

Vacation Decompression: A Three-Hour Plan at Check-In

It doesn't have to take a few days to decompress on vacation - you can do it with a three-hour plan.

George Zimmerman: Racist Perception Equals Self-Defense?

Zimmerman says he killed Martin in self-defense, but if Zimmerman happened to be racist, wouldn't he perceive Martin to be more aggressive than he really was?