Suicide and the Criminal

In the news as this blog is written is a "mass murder" of 149 passengers and suicide committed by an airplane pilot.

"Falling" Into Crime?

Crime is a matter of choice.

The "Beastly Existence" of "Respectable Men"

Radically different directions in defining one's purpose

Criminals on College Campuses

For students with a criminal personality, at college, all restraints are off.

Crime Causes Poverty

Another look at cause and effect

The Criminal's Anger: A Metastasizing Cancer

Any perceived slight threats the criminal's entire self-image

Has the "Criminal Mind" Changed?

The criminal mind is as it has always been. But it can operate on a much vaster and terrifying scale than in the past.

A "Crime" May not Be a Product of a "Criminal Mind"

It is the mind, not the times that is fundamental to criminality.

Marijuana Dependence is No Small Matter

Don't underestimate the harmful effects of marijuana dependence

The Criminal Does "Sweat the Small Stuff"

What is "small stuff" to one person may be of the utmost significance to a criminal

Are We All Susceptible to Crimes of Passion?

The "crime of passion" is a misconception

Criminals as Counselors?

A perceived advantage is actually a liability

A Good, Instructive Read About Criminals

Read about a relationship in which a therapist does not really know whom she married.

Autism Spectrum Disorder or Antisocial Personality?

A disservice to the community of people with autism

Job Training Does Not Transform Criminals

"Life" skills must have priority -- responsible patterns of thinking and behavior!

Is there really a college sexual assault "epidemic"?

With greater freedom, there is less deterrence

PTSD: An Explanation for Violent Behavior?

It is critical to know what the individual's personality was like before he or she suffered PTSD

Dependence Versus Exploitation

A person may appear helpless while leaching off others.

The Classroom as "Battlefield"

Dealing with violent students is a matter for the police to handle, not teachers.

"Corrosion" and "Cutoff" of Deterrents

Behavior that may appear to be the result of a sudden impulse actually has antecedent thinking and involves choice.

The Criminal as "Entrepreneur"

Pretensions outstrip effort leading to failure

A "School to Prison Pipeline"?

Schools are not conveyor belts to prison; students choose how to conduct themselves

Ridding Classrooms of Chronically Disruptive Students

It is a crime to allow the few to victimize the many

The "Senseless" Crime

"Crime is delicious; it's like ice cream," commented one offender.

Dick Diver: F. Scott Fitzgerald's 1920's Narcissist

Narcissists in fiction and in contemporary life

James Patterson's "Run for Your Life"

A good read diminished by a sort of pop psychology

"Depression" and the Criminal

What appear to be symptoms of depression may have nothing to do with clinical depression.

Love: an Alien Experience to a Criminal

Criminals, unless they change their entire way of thinking, are incapable of a love relationship.

The Criminal's Envy of the Responsible Person

It is difficult to fathom having contempt for a life that one also envies.

Literacy and Recividism

Teaching offenders to read is an extremely worthwhile undertaking. However, becoming literate does not, by itself, translate into becoming a responsible human being.