"All criminals have blank records until they are caught"

It is essential to uncover what lies deeply buried.

Sexual Misconduct: What Is the Effect of the Environment?

Needed to deter criminal conduct in the workplace: more oversight and imposing of consequences.

The Thinking Processes of Sexual Predators

Thought patterns that result in predatory sexual behavior have long resided within the individual. His status and environment provide opportunity to express them.

Severe Mental Illness Does Not Preclude Legal "Sanity"

A mental illness does not necessarily preclude choice.

Futile Attempts to Find the "Motive" Underlying Some Crimes

It is necessary to unearth the individual's overall psychological makeup

Las Vegas and the Myth of the "Out of Character" Crime

A crime always has a context. But it is often challenging to discover what it is.

Are Some Criminals Incapable of Changing?

The issue is not "inability" but choices that an offender makes.

Does a Person "Break Bad"?

Let's examine the premise of a smash hit entertainment series.

Interviewing a Criminal: Who Is Interviewing Whom?

Criminals case others out for their own purposes in all sorts of situations.

The Criminal's Use of Everyday Words

You may believe you understand what an offender is saying, but think again!

Treating Opioid Abuse: Focus on the Patient, Not Just Pain

"Drugs do not grab you and hold you in a bear hug."

Thoughts About Opioid Addiction

Taking a look at the thinking processes underlying opioid addiction.

Explanation or Excuses for Stealing?

The criminal evaluates his evaluator.

Should Parents Pay For Their Children's Incarceration?

A policy that imposes more suffering on people who are already suffering.

Job Skills and Jobs Help, But They Are Not Enough

Do you think that acquiring job skills and a well-paying job prevents crime? Rarely is this true. Change is a lot more complicated.

From the Mouths of Criminals

Examples of a dramatically different view of life.

Leniency or License for Crime?

Giving some young offenders a break may be the worst thing to do

Further Thoughts About Abuse Causing Criminality

A further look at the conventional wisdom

Pinocchio: The Transformation of a Criminal in the Making

A new take on an old childhood story

Good Deeds, Sinister Motives

Good deeds can have a dark motive

Terrorism: Criminality in Search of a Target

Focus on the personality, not the after-the-fact justification

Do Criminals Desire to Get Caught?

In 1915, Freud wrote about an unconscious desire to get caught and punished. But he did not treat criminals.

Programming for Classroom "Criminals"

Removing danger and providing opportunity

"Criminals" in Classrooms: A Liability to Students and Staff

What happens when a student is disturbing others but is not “emotionally disturbed”?

The Criminal as a "Religious" Person

Another arena for a criminal's use and abuse

A Criminal Personality or So-Called "Radicalization"?

Radicalization does not "happen" to just anyone.

The Criminal's "Superoptimism"

Criminals expect to prevail in any endeavor.

Paying Offenders to Obey the Law

A measure ill-conceived and born of desperation

Parents Don't Turn Children Into Criminals

Don't let preconceptions obscure reality.

Making Sense of the "Senseless" Crime

The search for a "motive" often leads to a dead end.