Thoughts About Opioid Addiction

Taking a look at the thinking processes underlying opioid addiction.

Explanation or Excuses for Stealing?

The criminal evaluates his evaluator.

Should Parents Pay For Their Children's Incarceration?

A policy that imposes more suffering on people who are already suffering.

Job Skills and Jobs Help, But They Are Not Enough

Do you think that acquiring job skills and a well-paying job prevents crime? Rarely is this true. Change is a lot more complicated.

From the Mouths of Criminals

Examples of a dramatically different view of life.

Leniency or License for Crime?

Giving some young offenders a break may be the worst thing to do

Further Thoughts About Abuse Causing Criminality

A further look at the conventional wisdom

Pinocchio: The Transformation of a Criminal in the Making

A new take on an old childhood story

Good Deeds, Sinister Motives

Good deeds can have a dark motive

Terrorism: Criminality in Search of a Target

Focus on the personality, not the after-the-fact justification

Do Criminals Desire to Get Caught?

In 1915, Freud wrote about an unconscious desire to get caught and punished. But he did not treat criminals.

Programming for Classroom "Criminals"

Removing danger and providing opportunity

"Criminals" in Classrooms: A Liability to Students and Staff

What happens when a student is disturbing others but is not “emotionally disturbed”?

The Criminal as a "Religious" Person

Another arena for a criminal's use and abuse

A Criminal Personality or So-Called "Radicalization"?

Radicalization does not "happen" to just anyone.

The Criminal's "Superoptimism"

Criminals expect to prevail in any endeavor.

Paying Offenders to Obey the Law

A measure ill-conceived and born of desperation

Parents Don't Turn Children Into Criminals

Don't let preconceptions obscure reality.

Making Sense of the "Senseless" Crime

The search for a "motive" often leads to a dead end.

The Myth of Heroin Use as "Self-Medication"

When in chronic pain, responsible people seek medical help; they don't use heroin

In 2016: Habilitation, Not Rehabilitation

Let's not pour a delectable sauce over rancid meat and expect a great meal

Planned Parenthood Attack: Criminal as Terrorist

If not Planned Parenthood, then something else?

Terrorism as a Vehicle for the Criminal Personality

The criminality of the individual is primary.

From Mass Incarceration to 'Mass Chaos'?

Will the new reform lead to more crime?

Strain Theory: A Real Stretch in Explaining Mass Shootings

"Social strain" theory does not reach into the depths of the mass shooter's mentality

Caution: Releasing "Non-Violent" Offenders

How much do we really known about offenders who may be turned loose?

Criminals are Not Invariably Cop Haters

Many criminals find police work exciting

The Long, Hot Summer

Summer, "copy cats" and the perception of police vulnerability

The Criminal's Highs and Lows: Not a "Mood Disorder"

Do not confuse thinking errors with an "Axis 1" mental illness

Devastating Consequences for Relatively Minor Misconduct

While focusing on the offense, do not neglect to evaluate the offender