Making Sense of the "Senseless" Crime

The search for a "motive" often leads to a dead end.

The Myth of Heroin Use as "Self-Medication"

When in chronic pain, responsible people seek medical help; they don't use heroin

In 2016: "Habilitation," Not "Rehabilitation"

Let's not pour a delectable sauce over rancid meat and expect a great meal

Planned Parenthood Attack: Criminal as Terrorist

If not Planned Parenthood, then something else?

Terrorism as a Vehicle for the Criminal Personality

The criminality of the individual is primary.

From Mass Incarceration to 'Mass Chaos'?

Will the new reform lead to more crime?

Strain Theory: A Real Stretch in Explaining Mass Shootings

"Social strain" theory does not reach into the depths of the mass shooter's mentality

Caution: Releasing "Non-Violent" Offenders

How much do we really known about offenders who may be turned loose?

Criminals are Not Invariably Cop Haters

Many criminals find police work exciting

The Long, Hot Summer

Summer, "copy cats" and the perception of police vulnerability

The Criminal's Highs and Lows: Not a "Mood Disorder"

Do not confuse thinking errors with an "Axis 1" mental illness

Devastating Consequences for Relatively Minor Misconduct

While focusing on the offense, do not neglect to evaluate the offender

"The Boys in the Boat"

Daniel Brown's book about the American oarsmen who won a gold medal at Hitler's 1936 Olympics provides food for thought for people who are interested in the development and expression of character.

Criminals as Counselors: A Clarification

One does not have to be a criminal to help criminals change. But having lived a life of crime does not automatically disqualify an offender from helping others who are like him change

A Postscript to the Baltimore Riots

Criminals, not the environment, cause crime

The Environment and Deterrence of Criminality

With greater freedom comes more crime

Suicide and the Criminal

In the news as this blog is written is a "mass murder" of 149 passengers and suicide committed by an airplane pilot.

"Falling" Into Crime?

Crime is a matter of choice.

The "Beastly Existence" of "Respectable Men"

Radically different directions in defining one's purpose

Criminals on College Campuses

For students with a criminal personality, at college, all restraints are off.

Crime Causes Poverty

Another look at cause and effect

The Criminal's Anger: A Metastasizing Cancer

Any perceived slight threats the criminal's entire self-image

Has the "Criminal Mind" Changed?

The criminal mind is as it has always been. But it can operate on a much vaster and terrifying scale than in the past.

A "Crime" May not Be a Product of a "Criminal Mind"

It is the mind, not the times that is fundamental to criminality.

Marijuana Dependence is No Small Matter

Don't underestimate the harmful effects of marijuana dependence

The Criminal Does "Sweat the Small Stuff"

What is "small stuff" to one person may be of the utmost significance to a criminal

Are We All Susceptible to Crimes of Passion?

The "crime of passion" is a misconception

Criminals as Counselors?

A perceived advantage is actually a liability

A Good, Instructive Read About Criminals

Read about a relationship in which a therapist does not really know whom she married.

Autism Spectrum Disorder or Antisocial Personality?

A disservice to the community of people with autism