The Art of Reading Minds

The Art of Reading Minds has everything you need to know in order to become an expert at mind-reading. Using skills such as non-verbal communication, body language and psychological influence, we can find out what another person thinks and feels – and consequently control that person’s thoughts and beliefs any way we want.

Henrik Fexeus introduces a new kind of practical interpretation of the concept mind-reading, which you will find practical in all aspects of your everyday life: job interviews, on a first date, suggesting proposals to your boss and in all social situations where you want to get your ideas across and influence other people.

Posture, intonation, pace, glances and hand gestures all reveal what a person feels. Often it will be in direct conflict with the message they are expressing in words. Henrik Fexeus gives you the right tools to decipher these hidden messages.

After his academic education in philosophy, Henrik Fexeus rapidly became a communications specialist. Fexeus is now an appreciate performer of edutainment. He has brought a whole new meaning to the expression mind reading and reveals skills in nonverbal communication, body language, psychological manipulation and psychological influence. He is currently touring with his mind-reading show and has been hosting his own TV-show at Sweden’s largest broadcaster.

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