Efficiency Can Kill You

These days we make productivity something like a religion.
Stephan Shapiro

Cultivating Innovation to Stand Out

It is important to find value in being different. In this episode, I interview innovation instigator, Stephan Shapiro.

Light Your Fire With the Sparks of Diversity

From the point of view of creativizing, it’s really the same challenge. I ask them: where could you find the sort of people you’re looking for?

The Secret to Innovation? Ride What Moves

Successful innovation requires us to notice what is moving and growing around us, and to find ways to harness its energy to get us where we want to go.

The Cavalry Isn’t Coming

Start a new chapter. Move your story forward.

We Grow When Our Life Sucks...

Is there no alternative to suffering in order to change and grow? Actually, there is.
Jonah Sachs

How to Foster Innovation

How to foster innovation and creativity

How Improv Sparks Creativity:

Bob Kulhan discusses how improv can spark creativity.

Inspiring Art Through Innovation

The Dean of Innovation interviews thought leaders on the broad subject of innovation.

What Can Companies Do to Create a Culture of Innovation?

The benefits to joint innovation efforts are plenty.

Why Do We Fall Into Patterns of Doing Things the Same Way?

And how can these patterns be broken?

Top Examples of Innovation in Action

When people think of innovation, they usually picture gadgets or maybe a miracle drug. Oftentimes, the greatest innovations are subtler.

Adapting to New Cultures

Office Hours with Jeff DeGraff is a video series where the Dean of Innovation interviews thought leaders on the broad subject of innovation.

What Attributes Are Key to a Successful Leadership?

Leaders need to know where they have strengths and where they don’t.

Can Creativity Be Taught?

People’s creative abilities can be improved. However, it’s unlikely you’re going to become a creative genius like Einstein or Mozart without some natural talent.

What Misconceptions Do People Have About Innovation?

In a world where a single touch on a screen can bring us any service or product imaginable whenever we want it, creativity still runs at its own pace.

How Can People Become More Creative in Their Everyday Lives?

The gifted amateur as a heroic innovator is one of the great American myths

Currency Innovation: Bitcoin

Less than a decade away from our brush with economic Armageddon, we are deregulating the financial industry.

The Internet Is a Lot Less Democratic Than You Think

Right now, the net is in a consolidation phase. A few big players are gobbling up niche providers and creating enormous storefronts and networks.

What’s Coming Next in 2017?

“Uberization” has become part of our vocabulary. It means using technology to connect a loose federation of free agents to provide just-in-time services.

Americans Now See the Truth as Relative

Thirty years ago, University of Chicago Professor Allan Bloom published The Closing of the American Mind.

Maybe We Should Build a Wall to Keep Our Talented People In

Diversity is an essential element of an innovation ecosystem because it brings a wide range of mindsets and talents into close proximity.

Driving Innovation Through Shared Values

Conflict can be the spark that ignites innovation. There are four different type of innovators, and each brings his or her expertise (but also his or her weaknesses) to the table.

Dwelling in the Conflict

Behind some of the 20th century’s most iconic love songs is a series of prolonged, tense, irreconcilable conflicts.

Employment for All Americans Is Ideal

When we talk about global trade, countries with well-documented protectionist practices like China, Russia and Japan come to mind.

See the Future First

There are ways that anyone can become more creative when the moment demands a new way of seeing things.
Public Domain

Technology Erodes Boundary Between Personal Life and Work

Before the new world of work, there was a boundary between our professional and personal lives.

Is a Finite Diploma Obsolete in a Fast-changing World?

Professional schools now offer life-long education.

Your Worldview Is Your Greatest Strength

A worldview is more than a type or a style. It’s a collection of deeply held beliefs about how we interpret and experience the world.
FatedSnowFox / Flickr

Don’t Tax Robots to Save Jobs

We’ve seen revolutionary shifts take us from farm to factory, and more recently, from corporate cubicles to the wide open digital spaces where free agents gather.