Mitochondria and Mood

What are the energy packs of your cells, and could these be the underlying cause of mental health problems?

Telomere Length and Depression

What can old shoelaces teach us about genetics and staving off depression?

Are You Overcommitted?

Is overcommitment wearing you out and causing illness? There are steps you can take to rebalance

Is It Safe to Take Supplements with Antidepressants?

Are natural supplements safe and effective to take while taking antidepressants? A few may be the key to feeling better.

Saffron for Emotional Health

Want a way to spice up your mood? Solid research is suggesting you may want to add saffron on your psychoemotional as well as culinary spice rack.

Is Your Diet SAD?

Do you think your getting all the nutrients you need? You eat right, right? Mmmm… maybe not. See what the research is saying, and check these 7 steps to make sure you covering the bases.

Can Coffee Help Anxiety?

Coffee is a definite "no no" if you suffer anxiety, right? Well, the effect of coffee on anxiety may not be so clear cut.

Exercise Your Way Out of Anxiety and Depression?

When the stress hormones surge, learn how exercise can help you deal.

Multiple Vitamins for Anxiety

Can a simple multiple vitamin be helpful to lighten the mood and calm anxiety?

What the MTHFR Is Up with this Fancy Folate?

How do you know if a common vitamin is actually harmful for you? Learn about the differences in folic acid and find out.

Valerian for Sleep and Weaning Off Anxiety Medications

Which herb may be the best for sleep, and also help avoid withdrawal from anti-anxiety drugs?

What Is the Best Diet for Mood?

Which diet is the healthiest for your brain and mood?

The Gut Microbiome, Anxiety and Depression: 6 Steps to Take

Can the bugs in your intestine help keep anxiety and depression away?

The Loss of Robin Williams and Holistic Care for Depression

Robin Williams' brilliance left us way too early. Here are some steps to help us consider a more holistic and integrative model to deal with severe depression.

A Cold Splash–Hydrotherapy for Depression and Anxiety

Can hot and cold water help mood? Ancient wisdom and some modern research suggest it may.

Are You at Risk from Fukushima Radiation Exposure ?

It has been three years since the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Is radiation from the Fukushima accident showing up in your food today? And, what is the best way to protect yourself from this, and other nuclear radiation?

Got to Drink Milk? Learn Your A1’s and A2’s

If you drink milk, you may not realize the type of milk you are drinking may be predisposing you to disease. Find out about the A1 and A2 difference.

Ashwaganda for Anxiety

Can the 'smell of a horse' make you less anxious?

Is There a Blood Sugar Monster Lurking Within You?

Is there a monster in you that you would rather not live with? Try balancing your blood sugar monster... it may help.

Naturopathic Medicine Week—Naturopathic Doctors Recognized

Did you know there's a natural medicine choice in primary care that you probably haven't heard about and may be purposely kept from you? If you would like to learn more about this choice, read on...

Do Fish and Fish Oils Cause Prostate Cancer?

Do fish and fish oils really cause prostate cancer?
Can vitamins help prevent the next Newtown?

Can vitamins help prevent the next Newtown?

Can good nutrition and vitamins help prevent the next Newtown-type shooting? There is some compelling research that suggests we should start dumping the chicken nuggets and fries and start looking more at good nutrition and possibly supplements to help raise happy and balanced kids.

Serenity Santa: Keeping the E.R. Out of X-mas

How can you avoid the emergency room during the holidays? Here are some easy steps.

Depression's An Allergy? Use Rheumatoid Drugs...

Research is supposed to help us cure disease. But, when drugs are the endpoint in mind, will research ever help us learn how to treat the underlying causes of depression?
Losing the Sugar War with George McGovern

Losing the Sugar War with George McGovern

George McGovern is losing the sugar war, and humans may be on track to 100% sugar diet. What bitter pill do you need to swallow to stop this?

Creatine For Muscle And Mood

Can the natural supplement creatine make your antidepressant work better?

A Statin Island of Woe: Are Depression and Cholesterol-lowering Connected?

Are statin cholesterol medications bringing you down? Learn about the possible links.

Sleep Medications or a Stroke—Which Is Worse?

Do you prefer a stroke or medication induced risk of death? If you are not getting 6 hours of sleep, you may need to answer this question.
peter bongiorno

Why Is Grass-Fed So Important?

While "natural" and "antibiotic/hormone-free" sound just fine, they are hardly better than typical meat products.

Can You Follow Your Dreams and 'Make It' in This World?

How does a dad encourage a child to focus on following her heart, while still being practical enough to live in today's world?