child praying to stop alien abduction

Even if it's hard to scientifically measure the effects of prayer, no one can deny the hope and peace they give just in the process.

Scientific American analyzed a recent study of the power of prayer, and concluded that it does work to make us stronger, both mentally and physically. However, their conclusion -- that it works because of our "social connection" with the Divine, or God, just as we connect socially IRL or on Facebook -- leaves something to be desired!

In any case, in desperate situations, it's likely that most people would pray in some way. Aliens might make us feel desperate.

This cartoon was originally published in the Center for Inquiry magazine, an institution promoting atheism. I, the cartoonist, am a believer in God, however. So it turns out that yes, we CAN all just learn to get along. :)

Here's another cartoon about a child under stress - but we've all been there.

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