man is happy to be buying a new Swatch watch
Salesman tells guy that this watch will change his life -- or at least tell the time

It's very likely that we all have a gift list for ourselves. And  that it includes one or 2 things that we feel sure will make a dramatic change in our life.

Something we yearn for, holds potential for the future. It might make us feel so different that it brings new changes or new opportunities. It takes away any feeling that holidays, Valentine's Day, or birthdays could be disappointing...

It's often technological, always great-looking, and isn't usually intangible. But it reflects a lot of our hopes and dreams, and we deserve it.

The New York Times writes about "self-gifting" as a real economic force now in holiday shopping. Speaking about makeup and holiday promotions, one analyst said:

“Really,” he said, “how many people are you going to give lipstick?”

The NYT isn't judging you, and neither will we. Find that perfect gift that speaks to you, or tells perfect time.

Here's another very Christmassy cartoon that you might like. 

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