In my first year blogging for Psychology Today, I've posted 65 cartoons here in Ink Blots, and have had some amazing adventures, and made some great new friends. But which cartoons do the discerning and smart readers here on PT like most? 

Most popular cartoon in Psychology Today

cartoon of couple on date, thinking about sex

cartoon of couple on date, thinking about sex

How Women Fantasize about Sex, above.

I was exploring the differences between men and women, always a fertile topic, with this cartoon. The fact that Psychology Today readers liked the contradiction in the couple indicates that PT readers are an opinionated, thoughtful bunch, and don't mind dichotomy!

There are several comments over at the link that go deeper into the subject.

Second most popular

The runner-up most popular cartoon: Ladies, does your breast size affect your self-esteem? Well, we know it piqued the curiousity of a lot of readers here. There are some comments over there, too. Thank you, readers and commenters.

Least popular (most hated?!) cartoon in Psychology Today

politicians saying nothing in cartoon

politicians saying blather in cartoon

My least popular cartoon according to readers here, is above, a New Yorker-type political cartoon, in a post called How to write a political speech. Okay, maybe the post title could use a little work to stiffen it up, as it's a little too tongue-in-cheek. And the concept is abstract, but this is actually one of my favorite cartoons, and one of my editors', too! In fact, I submitted this to several editorial cartoon contests and awards, back when I still believed they were looking for something new and courageous.

I drew this for CalWatchdog, a political site. I based it on when Meg Whitman still thought she could snatch the governor's title from Jerry Brown, but I describe it as a "New Yorker cartoon" because it's more of a lyrical descriptive of elections. (New Yorker cartoonists have rarely been able to cross over into political cartoons, not only because they're not timely, (and are usually way behind the times!) but also because they don't have a point of view; the cartoonist is an invisible onlooker in New Yorker cartoons, instead of being the passionate provocateur that editorial cartoons need.)

So I wonder what the hot cartoons will be this coming year?! However, I'm pretty sure there will be less politics and more sex...

Agree or disagree? If you have other favorites (or unfavorites), please make a note in the comments.

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