couple at party met at 12 step program for addictions

new yorker type cartoon about how couple met each other - in recovery program

I was reminded of this cartoon when I watched a woman make a play for a friend of mine by insisting she was as addicted to coffee as he is! "Coffee coffee coffee, must have right now!" Of course coffee is not as serious as major addictions (except for those Starbuck fanboys we all know), but caffeine can be a harsh mistress, so maybe it feels that way at times to coffee lovers.

But the bigger point is, would you fake an interest in something (reality tv, video gaming, arty films, etc) just to seduce someone? Do you think claiming similar interests (or addictions) is as harmless as taking 5 pounds off your weight or your age?

Of course, claiming to be similar to someone can easily backfire if what really sparks a relationship are the differences! And that you won't know until you actually spend time with the person, and see if there's any "there" there. In any case, it probably gets the relationship off to a shaky start if you are quite dissimilar and even opposite to the person you originally claimed to be.

I would value your experiences on this if you care to share!

Cartoon caption: We met in a recovery program, with separate, yet compatible additictions.

Here's another PT cartoon on how to make the relationship go your way.

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