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A Warning Sign That He May Not Be the Best Lover

He's giving you clues even before the first kiss.

How to Stay Cheerful When He is Naughty

How to negotiate with your mate (or not), and 10 great Christmas quotes for YOU, if you're feeling cranky.

Why Smell Makes Us Choose Bad Boys (Sometimes)

Need some pointers? Dogs can help. But find out about the hidden organ humans have ourselves to help us select the right partner!

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What's the Latest with Online Dating?

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What Happens When Women Ask for Sex?

Upending the traditional roles of who wants sex more...will satisfy everyone.

How to Compliment Beautiful People Better

There is an art to giving compliments. Done the right way, you will both benefit!

Should You Compliment a Beautiful Person?

Even if you're not one of the beautiful people, you can still look and enjoy!

Do You Mate Like a Cavewoman?

If you've never used Darwin in your dating practices before, you're missing out. Cavewomen had multiple orgasms without even trying.

Does He Bug You? This Could Be Your First Warning.

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11 Ways to Sound Like a Better Lover

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How to Read His Mind

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13 Easy Ways to Jumpstart Your Boring Life

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Could Online Dating Help You Find the One?

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Why Is It So Much Fun to Get a Box in the Mail?

Many of us order things online that we wouldn't think of getting at the store. Why? Curiosity!

Are Subscription Boxes Bad for Your Health? Maybe!

The hidden mysteries of shopping online: Subscription boxes!

What Would a Talking Mirror Say to You?

What does your reflection tell you about who you are? Should you trust it?

Will a Guy Like This Be Good in Bed?

Signs to look for, or look out for, when you're thinking about having sex with someone. Will he be able to get the job done?
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Oral Sex on the Menu

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Don't Let Him Ruin Your Good Mood

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13 Easy Ways to Jumpstart Your Boring Life

Routines can be comforting, but when every day looks the same, that can be a danger signal.