Are You Practical, or Romantic?

Does he say weird things at the most inopportune times?

Do You Lie Awake in Bed and Worry?

When something terrifying happens, we often fall to pieces. Here's an alternative.

Why is it So Hard to Buy Presents for Others?

And it helps if you know they won't complain, or return anything.

What One Quality Makes a Good Cartoon Better?

Do advertisers (and artists) prey on your anxieties?

Which Part of Yourself Do You Hide the Most?

Do you have a strategy in place, in case someone discovers one of your secrets?

When You're Really Afraid

The best description of God, or Other, is infinite. This means you can pray on any topic or circumstance you can possibly think of, and expect help. A cartoon about what could be out there…

Will Your Dog Have a Good Christmas?

Why gift-giving can be stressful, and how a dog helps out.

How to Give Yourself Gifts

The NYT says you're not alone. A cartoon about retail shopping.

How to Self-Talk to Up Your Confidence

Expecting others to treat you right always starts with you treating yourself like a special snowflake.

Why Can't Teachers and Students All Just Learn to Get Along?

Lesson plans don't always go as planned; how to handle school after that fun first day.

You Have to Open the Door to Find Out

A summer cartoon about moving forward.

Do You Have More Problems Than Me?

Why does it seem easier to fix other people's problems rather than your own?

Do You Need a Makeover, or a Makeout?

This is a great way to tell if you're ready to meet someone.

Forgetful? Here's How I Deal With That

Sometimes a to-do list isn't enough to get organized and motivated.

TMI Can Ruin Relationships

A cartoon on talking honestly about guilty pleasures.

No One Should be Lonely at Easter

Remember in Castaway, when Tom Hanks was stranded on the desert island, and made friends with a volleyball? You could do that in your kitchen, with an Easter egg.

The Worst Restaurant in the World Cartoon

Decision-making just got a lot harder. And this is before you even see the menu.

How Not to Complain

Do you find yourself complaining, even in a perfect situation? Does this mean you're ruining a good thing, or just being human? A cartoon about hell.

Do you Make Him Do Things Just to Please YOU?

Sometimes you don't realize that someone is treating you inappropriately until a friend points it out. Sometimes you still don't get the point. A Merry Christmas cartoon.

What About Porn?

It's a very personal thing. Just enjoy it.

What to Say to Someone Who Hates You

Can you ever change someone's mind about how lovable you are? It's worth a try, especially if it's a matter of life or death.

Looking for Your Dream Job?

A Halloween cartoon about putting your best foot forward.

Would You Be an Expert Witness to a Crime?

Do you notice differences in people? How many criminals are walking around scot-free because you couldn't remember if he had a mustache or what color his shirt was? Don't let anxiety hamper your perceptions!

Watch for this Important Sign of Summer

The last gasp of summer cartoon: Go ahead, try it!

Is Online Dating a Hit or a Miss?

You know that movie, As Good as it Gets? Let's make love better than that.

Filtering Life Through Your Cat

A cat cartoon with a twist.

Can Your Differing Views on Food Lead to a Separation?

When you've reached the end of your rope with your partner, maybe it's time to go for couples counseling. Even when his advice doesn't help, and may leave stains on your clothes.

Why Men Don't Know What Women Really Want

When you're at the movies, what do you think about in the dark? I don't think you're always thinking about the movie.

What Should You Do if You Make a Mistake?

What if you make the wrong choice? What if disaster lies just around the corner, and it's all your fault? This cartoon has one solution. (Not necessarily the best one).

Good Self-esteem, or is He an Egotistical Maniac?

You're so vain, I bet you think this cartoon is about you...What signs you should look for if someone seems overly confident, or even a mythical beast.