How to Recommend Therapy

Therapy can be incredibly helpful. Unfortunately, we're still in a time where recommending it can seem like an insult. Here's one gentle approach.

9 Tips for Awkward Silences in Therapy

All the good stuff has already been covered (or so it seems). Where should you go from here? What should you talk about in therapy? Awkward.

When to Quit Therapy

In an ideal world, all therapy would provide a good ending, where loose ends are tied up, take-away points are clarified, and we share a clean goodbye. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Therapy for Gambling Addiction

Gambling maintains the fantasy of success while denying some harsh, cruel realities.

Why People Lie to Their Therapists

You spend money, time, and emotional energy going to therapy—so why not tell the truth?

Talking About Money

How do you cope with financial stress? Ever tried talking about it?

A Letter to Therapists 2: Finance Language Lessons

“If you knew my income, my debt, my bad decisions, my cover-ups, you definitely wouldn’t like me.”

A Letter to Therapists: Beware of Financial Stress

Despite all of our research and experience, the field of psychology continues to ignore an issue hidden in plain sight.

4 Reasons Not to Ghost Your Therapist

Every therapist has a story or twelve about clients who seem to be connecting and doing well in therapy and then they suddenly disappear. Poof.

Disability and Humanity in Therapy

How do physical disabilities impact psychological treatment? How do they impact the therapist? Dr. Deborah Buckwalter shares her thoughts in this Moments of Meaning video.

Resolving Guilt in Therapy

Dr. Martin Hsia describes his compassionate CBT intervention for resolving guilt in this Moments of Meaning video.

Therapists Tell Therapy Stories

What really happens behind the closed doors of a therapy session? Six therapists share stories.

To Screen or Not To Screen?

Should we keep screens away from kids? Or give them full access and let them work it out? Is there a middle ground?

Book Review: Wisdom from the Couch

Dr. Jennifer Kunst shares the warmer, friendlier side of Kleinian psychology in this interview and book review.

Top 10 Reasons to Try Therapy

You are the common denominator in all your relationships; improving yourself is bound to enhance the lives of everyone you meet as well.

Recalling Your Therapy Session

You say goodbye and step out into the world. But by the time your key hits the ignition, it's gone.

Why Do Some Therapists Take Notes In Session?

The notepad is as much a part of the lore of therapy as the clock, the couch, and the bottomless box of Kleenex. But is it really necessary?

Who Doesn't Need Therapy?

If your goal is beyond symptom reduction, more along the lines of wellness, prevention, and improved quality of life, take your time. Therapy can be a wonderful experience.

Terminating Therapy, Part V: Therapist Termination

I can’t act as an apologist for all therapists. It's clear that not all therapists were taught how to provide a good termination, and even if they were, not all practice it.

How to Confront

Psychological and medical research is filled with data supporting the idea that holding a grudge has negative long-term consequences. It’s better to endure five minutes of stress than months or years of resentment.

How Long is Too Long in Psychotherapy?

Therapy helps, but can there be too much of a good thing? Is long-term therapy a cause for concern?

Psychology Graduate Students in Therapy

If you're about to embark on a profession where your own psyche is a primary tool, you should spend some time in the other chair. But don't expect it to be easy.

8 More Reasons to Go to Therapy

A recent Huffington Post article pointed out eight warning signs that warrant a trip to the therapist. But isn't therapy about more than just treating disorders?

Laughter in Therapy

Laugh away in your therapy sessions, but ask yourself if you’re laughing to avoid your issues or laughing your way through them.

Psychotherapy Appointment Time

When is the best time of day for therapy? Is your therapy dollar better spent morning, noon, or night? Or is it about something other than the clock?

Happy Pruning Day

On Christmas Eve Eve, otherwise known as Pruning Day, we pause to reflect upon all the crap we've accumulated through the year, and get rid of it.

Psychotherapy Has an Image Problem, Part II

Today is the second annual National Psychotherapy Day, a day for therapists, clients, and therapy advocates to promote the profession, fight therapy stigma, support CMHCs, and spread therapy research.

Psychotherapy Has an Image Problem, Part I

If therapy seems like a waste of time, money, and effort, people will take the pill instead. Or suffer in silence.

Photo Albums in Therapy

The meat and potatoes of therapy will always be talking about current thoughts and feelings, but an occasional shift can invigorate the work and give a new perspective.

Four Things Medication Can't Teach You

A good course of psychotherapy can provide the benefits of medication without physical side effects, and the results remain far beyond the end of therapy.