How Employers Impact Parents' Wellbeing

Combining work and family is a reality for many parents today. Choosing the right work place may determine parents' success.
Influencing Wellbeing: Materialism and Self-Esteem

Influencing Wellbeing: Materialism and Self-Esteem

Studies not only show that changes in materialism predict changes in wellbeing, but offer practical strategies for reducing materialistic values and improving self-esteem.

How Your Commute Can Damage Your Relationships

The negative health impacts of long commutes are mounting, with research now linking commute time to satisfaction with social contacts.

A Generous Nature

Want to enahnce your social relations this holiday season? Exposure to more rather than less beautiful nature has been linked to prosocial traits, such as agreeableness, empathy and generosity.

Improving Energy Levels with Light Exposure

The end of the year can be an exhausting time for everyone. New research into light and vitality offers insights into improving our energy levels.
Raising Non-Materialistic Children in a Material World

Raising Non-Materialistic Children in a Material World

Studies have shown that prioritizing money and material possessions has been associated with a slew of negative outcomes in children and adults. As parents, how can we steer our children away from adopting materialistic values?

Urban Versus Rural Life

Many of us assume that children raised in rural areas are healthier than those living in cities. A recent study exploring the physical activity and screen time of children in both rural and urban areas suggests this isn't always the case.

Personalizing Workspaces to Enhance Wellbeing

Recent research shows that personalizing your workplace can provide a buffer against the stresses and distractions of open-plan offices.
Is Exercise the Answer to a Higher Income?

Is Exercise the Answer to a Higher Income?

A recent study has linked more physical activity to higher long-term income.
Is Television the Key to Academic Success?

Is Television the Key to Academic Success?

Recent research suggests that children who watch TV may be smarter than those who don't.

Outdoor Living and the Shrinking Backyard

Despite smaller families and shrinking housing lots, our houses are increasing in size. As a consequence, the humble backyard and its associated benefits are disappearing.

How Healthy is Your School Run?

Deciding on the right school for your child can be a daunting prospect. Choosing a school within walking distance may have a number of social and physical health benefits.

Exercise Anxiety

Although I enjoy exercising outdoors, safety concerns deter me from visiting local woodlands. Studies suggest that many women feel the same.

The Art of Stress Relief

The artwork you display may affect your psychological state.

Active Living in Later Years

Seniors have the lowest levels of physical activity of all population groups. Well-located retirement villages can enhance opportunities for social interaction and physical activity.

Holiday Decorating To Attract Friends And Prevent Crime

Whether or not we decorate for the holidays may communicate more about our nature than we think.
How Shopping Brings Us Together

How Shopping Brings Us Together

High quality retail environments can enhance our shopping experience and strengthen sense of community.

Neighbors: When Things Go Wrong

Neighbors are not always a source of support. At times, they can cause considerable stress.
Virtual vs Real-World Relationships

Virtual vs Real-World Relationships

It has been argued that neighborhood environments are becoming redundant as technology and mobility allow us to draw on broad social networks. I beg to differ...
Variety: The Spice of Park Life

Variety: The Spice of Park Life

Recent research suggests high quality parks may benefit mental health. So what does a high quality park look like and how does it bring this benefit about?