Can Romantic "Noises" Enhance Romantic Relationships?

Noises are characterized as a disturbance that interferes with the optimal operation of a system. There are, however, cases in which a disruptive noise is beneficial for the system. When such "noises" are interjected into the romantic system, do they improve or disrupt the romantic relationship?

Are Commuter Marriages Good Marriages?

The wish to be close to the beloved is characteristic of profound love. However, can romantic closeness be too close, causing lovers to feel as if they are in captivity without any personal space? Should we (as John Stevenson suggests) keep a loose rein on our marriage in order to keep it steady? A commuter marriage is an option worth considering.

One Night With You

The question "would you spend the night with me?" can be taken to be offensive and rude, suggesting a superficial pleasurable night of sin. However, the question can also express profound love, suggesting a profoundly satisfied night of tender love. When this question was put to them, many people (especially men) accept the offer. Should you do the same?

I Miss You Like Hell

Our romantic experiences are often incomplete in the sense of being not entirely fulfilled. We are typically excited by anything that is incomplete, unfinished, unsettled, unexplained, or uncertain. Here is the true story of John, who yearned and waited forty years for his high-school sweetheart.

“Can men feel how much I want to have an affair?”

Recognizing the other’s emotions is a significant aspect of emotional intelligence. In romantic love this ability is considerably enhanced when you are ready to fall in love or are sexually aroused. Other people can sense your readiness or eagerness for romance, which in turn increases their attraction toward you. Can this happen after 30 years of faithful marriage?

How Deep Is Your Sexual Desire?

Casual sex, which consists of sexual encounters outside committed relationships, is common in modern Western societies. Such encounters range from a one-time experience to ongoing sexual relationships. Discerning the various types of casual sex may shed light on such a prevailing experience.

'The Invitations Were Already Out'

Some people realize on their wedding day that they regard their partner as a compromise. When these people are asked why they did not cancel the wedding, some of them explain their behavior by saying that they did not want to cancel the wedding as the invitations had already been sent. This is the true story of Alice.

“I Loved Him Too Much To Be With Him”

Love involves the profound wish to be with the beloved. There are, however, cases in which the lover decides, out of profound love, to leave the beloved as the lover thinks that staying with the beloved will make the beloved miserable in the long term. This is the true story of Scarlet.

‘Aside From the Lack of Love, Everything Is Fine'

The hardships of finding and maintaining profound love should not imply completely giving up on such love, as profound love is a central factor in making our life meaningful and happy. I will illustrate such hardships by considering the case of Miriam.

‘I Love My Husband, But Not Passionately’

Is it possible to determine the right road to love? Should we prefer one over another? I will examine here such roads through the true stories of four married women who took different roads to be with the one they love. All of them believe now that they took the right road.

The Hard Romantic Choice

Humans face many choices in their lives and they take them seriously—often too seriously. For some people there is no “second best” in their romantic vocabulary; they want all or nothing. Monica, who says, “I never had a one-night stand, but I yearn for a profound extramarital affair," is such a woman.

Against Romantic Sensitivity

Can we be too romantically sensitive? Is it worthwhile achieving the heights of love only to crash down, or is it better to maintain a steady level of low sensitivity? I shall examine these issues by distinguishing two types of sensitivity and considering the real case of Carol.

"He Was the Best Choice I Could Make at That Time"

Are romantic compromises necessary or beneficial? The value of romantic compromises depends on the given circumstances. It is not in our hands to fully revise these circumstances, and sometimes we are condemned to compromise romantically, as there are no better alternatives.

'I Was Drifting In and Out of My Marriage'

The decision to get married or divorced is significant and should be taken after profound deliberations. But this isn't always the case: people can find themselves drifting into a certain situation without having thought deeply about it. Is drifting a proper manner in which to make important romantic decisions?

"Come Live In My Heart, and Pay No Rent"

The offer of “come live in my heart, and pay no rent” seems very tempting, but is often contrary to the nature of love, which is based upon a reciprocal relationship. Being a tenant in someone’s heart has obligations that cannot be ignored.

Slave to Love

Romantic love has been described as one of the most sublime human experiences; it has also been viewed as an addiction and illness. The apparent paradox between being madly in love and being addicted can be resolved by analyzing the depth of love.

Is Following Your Heart Worse Than Not Following It?

Romantic compromises and extramarital affairs are typically criticized on the grounds that they deviate from prevailing values and indicate difficulties in the marriage. Traditionally, following one’s heart incurs more severe criticism. Is it justified?

“I Treated Myself to a Marital Crisis”

Extramarital affairs are usually considered to be morally wrong, and hence the people who engage in them tend to provide various excuses for doing so. Excuses might serve to reduce the agent's culpability.

Ain't Love Nothing But Sex Misspelled?

What is the relationship between romantic love and sexual desire? Is it true that "love ain't nothing but sex misspelled," as Harlan Ellison claimed, or are they two separate emotions? A plausible answer is that the two are not identical but have significant links. What are these links and are they subject to gender differences?

The Role of Admiration in Affairs With the Rich and Famous

Romantic admiration is perceived to be central in love, as it facilitates pleasurable togetherness. However, when we admire someone, it can place us in an inferior position and this might be painful and harmful. I will begin my analysis of admiration in romantic love by examining Mimi Alford's admiration for President Kennedy, which resulted in a romantic affair.

The Eyes of Love

Romantic love is often characterized as being guided by idealizations, sometimes even by blindness. However, romantic relationships should be based upon reality, as this reality is where both of them will live their lives. Do lovers’ eyes deceive them?

Love: The More You Use, The More You Save?

In many popular songs, lovers ask their beloveds to save their love for them. However, there are many cases in which the more you use, the more you have. Is love one such experience?

When I Stopped Loving Him, I Was Ready to Marry Him

People usually get married after they have fallen in love; however, there are cases in which people get married after their love has faded. Natalie has been divorced twice. She had a similar reason for marrying both of her husbands: she had stopped loving them.

Do Women Make More Romantic Compromises Than Men Do?

Gender differences are hard to detect, as they depend on many factors. Nevertheless, I will propose here that in general, women are more likely to make romantic compromises at young age, whereas men tend to do so more at an older age.

I Respect My Husband, But I Don’t Love Him

Respect seems to be different and even contrary to romantic love. Whereas respect implies distance, romantic love involves an intimate closeness and even the sense of identity with the beloved. Nevertheless, many people consider respect to be one of the most important components of love. Do love and respect go together like a horse and carriage?

Love After Death: The Widows’ Romantic Predicaments

All of us have romantic predicaments; widows seem to have even more. Should they actively search for another lover? And if they find another lover, while still loving their late spouse, how can these two lovers reside together in their hearts? And is widowhood the proper time to fall in love again?

Lover Come Back to Me

Why is the phenomenon of yearning for ex-lovers so frequent and powerful? Is such yearning due to desperation or passion? Is it related to the quality of our ex or to a deficiency in our current romantic life? It would seem that various factors are involved.

The Impatient Heart: Is It Indeed Now or Never?

The romantic heart is typically described as impatient—“It’s now or never. Tomorrow will be too late.” It is assumed that it is not natural to postpone satisfaction in matters concerning love. Contrary to this popular assumption, there are many circumstances in which the romantic heart can be very patient.

Torn Between Two Lovers

Exclusivity is at the heart of romantic love. Like other emotions, love is discriminatory and partial—one cannot love everyone. How is it then that many people claim that they have loved two people at the same time? And how do they deal with this situation?

The Many Complicated Reasons We Have Sex

Pity sex happens when people have sex with other people because they feel sorry for them. Is it worth the effort? And what is the difference between pity sex and charity sex?