Those of you who have read my first novel, Reaching Home, remember that I often introduce the chapters in the novel with a quote.  Some are humorous.  Some are quite serious.  Hopefully, they add to the reader’s appreciation of the story.  One of my favorites from Reaching Home was a quote from Mark Twain:  “A discriminating irreverence is the creator and protector of human liberty.”

My second effort, First Night, which should be published in the late fall / early winter of this year will follow some of the original characters from Reaching Home through their struggles with the conflict within our society and within each one of us between hope and cynicism.  Cynicism can certainly drown hope if we do not make an active effort to nurture hope. 

Here are the quotes that I am using to introduce some of the chapters in First Night:

  • Will Herberg, Cynicism: “Idealism gone sour.”
  • Harry Ruby (one which I really don’t agree with):  Cynicism: “A euphemism for realism.”
  • H.L. Mencken (this is one I really love):  Cynic:  “A man who, when he smells flowers, looks around for the coffin.”
  • George Herbert:  Hope: “The poor man’s bread.”
  • And one from Shakespeare, “Hope:  Eating the air on promise of supply.”

The conflict between hope and cynicism is one each of us must face every day.  I’ll keep you posted as I work with the editor putting the final manuscript together.  Hopefully, First Night it will be out by the first night of the New Year.

More about hope and cynicism in the next post.

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