An old friend of mine, Dr. Glen Robinson, recently (2012) published a small book, How to Stay Depressed or Kiss It Good-bye Through New Discoveries.  The book includes what he refers to as “Seven secrets you absolutely must know to beat depression.”  Dr. Robinson and I both began our careers in psychology in the 1970s.  He, like myself, has been doing psychotherapy for over 30 years.

As Dr. Robinson points out in the Introduction, over 16 million new cases of depression are diagnosed in the United States each year.  Eight to 10% of all women and 4-5% of all men will experience at least one major depressive episode in their lives.  The incident of depression increases with age.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 27 million Americans took medications for depression in 2010.  Millions of others sought relief through psychotherapy, counseling and alternative approaches.  All treatments, including medication,  take time and rarely produce quick results.

Glen’s book is well written and to the point.  As he points out, depression can wear many masks, and the symptoms vary widely.  Dr. Robinson spends considerable time focusing on what is now considered to be the most effective approach in treating depression, Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy.  This treatment requires time, energy and commitment.  Unfortunately, many never seek treatment for depression, a very treatable condition, because of the social stigma and fear that still surrounds admitting that you are depressed and seeking professional help. 

Dr. Robinson’s book is available from Amazon or the publisher, Dog Ear Publishing,  As Glen points out, the book is filled witha doctor’s bag of tricks and treatments for depression as well as the latest scientific breakthroughs. 

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