People new to the United States may feeling alone and isolated during the holiday season.

Being Poor in America

What would you do if your child said she wanted to drop out of high school?

The Value of Practicing Gratitude

Learning to practice gratitude is one of life's most valuable lessons.

Natural Disasters: Part 4

No one wants to leave their home or go to a shelter. But if a wildfire was heading your way, what would you do?

Natural Disasters - Part Three

Unlike tropical storms, snowstorms, and hurricanes, earthquakes give no warning. How can you prepare?

Natural Disasters - Part Two

What would you do when encountering flooded roads?

Natural Disasters

A hurricane is approaching. Forecasts are inconsistent. Would you heed warnings and evacuate? If not, how will you prepare?

Looking at Yourself: Part Two

Are you able to manage and control strong emotions? Would others agree with your assessment?

Looking at Yourself

Take the test and rate your resilient skills and attitudes for dealing with adversity in your life.

Dealing With Our Healthcare System

Are health challenges testing your resilience? The decisions you make today will help you if you get really sick.

Developing Hope

Does distorted thinking affect your hopefulness?

Being Different In America

You are gay and came out a number of years ago.And while your coworkers appear to accept you as you are, on some level, you feel they really don’t. What can you do?

Being Different In America

Do you believe people make assumptions about you based on the color of your skin?

Dealing With Grandmother

Grandma sent you a Facebook ‘friend request’ and you reluctantly accepted because you didn’t want to hurt her feelings. Now she's posting personal comments about the family. Yikes!

The Bottle of Pills

When teens are faced with adults decisions, the outcome came be lethal.

Middle School

How would your kids deal with friends who are trouble?

Middle School

Getting your tweens and teens to talk with you about drugs and alcohol.

Employee Recognition

Several of your employees deserve a raise, but you simply don’t have it in the budget at this point. What would you do if you were the boss in this situation?

S.M.A.R.T. Goals

What is key to being resilient? Being S.M.A.R.T.

Red and Blue Politics in America — Part 4

What would you do if someone vandalized your car because of a bumper sticker?

Red and Blue Politics in America—Part Three

Your family is planning a reunion. You want to attend, but a number of your family members voted for the other party in the recent election. How will you manage your emotions?

Red and Blue Politics In America—Part Two

People often have made decisions supporting their candidate not based on logic or reason, but based on emotion.

Red and Blue Politics in America—Part One

Bounce Back added two new "decks” to the game, ripped the headlines. Want to play?

Your Hometown

During challenging times, being optimistic may be more helpful in getting through the struggles that we face today.

The Truth About Radicalization

Young people need to be helped to feel better about themselves, to find a sense of purpose, to feel they belong.

Hope: Optimism With a Plan

A look at hope and its relationship to resilience and to other positive states, such as optimism, self-esteem and side-efficacy.

The Processes of Change

Understanding the stages we need to move through to make positive changes in our life.

The Processes of Change

How to follow through on the change process.

Making Changes In Our Lives

Trying to make changes in your life? Here's a 5-step process that may help you succeed.

Making Changes

How to get out of the groove of comfort to make necessary changes.