Personal Safety

Many people believe that they must own a gun in order to be safe, but are you truly safer?

The 2016 Election - Part Two

Within the divisiveness of this election season, we need to remember to make America kind again.

The 2016 Election

Whether your candidate won or loss, being mindful of yours and others emotions is critical.

Employee Growth and Development

Is your business / organization taking steps towards healthier employees?

Fear in America

Feeling a lot of fear this election season? Utilizing the skills of resilience can help quell it.

Being a Person of Color in America

A number of politicians in very high places have launched bitter attacks for their political benefit.

Health and Safety

Do upper-level managers feel that the health and safety of their employees is crucial to the success of the organization?

Work / Life Balance

Is your employer really concerned about work/life balance or just giving lip service to it? What steps can you take.

Employee Involvement

Engaging employees in health and wellness programs ion your organization.

My Job

Many organizations commit to programs and policies that foster employee well-being while enhancing organizational performance.

Managing Stress

In managing stress, the skills of resilience are very similar to the ones that Goldman and others have defined as emotional intelligence.

The Shopping Trip

What actions would you take if you left a store and accidentally did not pay for an item?

The Car Accident

How resilience can get you through difficult situations when one is wracked with guilt.

The Hurricane

A hurricane is moving up the coast and is approaching the community you’ve lived in most of your life. How prepared are you to deal with this crisis?

Post-Traumatic Growth

Long before extensive research was done in this area, most of us were quite aware of the individuals that we had worked with who had actually grown and developed new skills.

Does Your Job Put You At Risk For Terrorist Acts?

You work for a company that contracts with the U.S. government to provide services to the military. Your boss decided that he wants you to travel to the Middle East, to Baghdad.

The Fear of Terrorism

Terrorism is about instilling fear, restricting peoples’ lives, creating stress. If you are unable to control your fear, you basically are giving the terrorists what they seek.

Presidential Politics: That's Entertainment

We can enjoy the entertainment value of this political season, yet I would encourage us not to ignore it. What is happening is serious business.

Dealing With Death

Finding the purpose and the meaning of our lives is something that often comes up when we have lost someone close to us.


What may be interfering with your ability to get a restful night of sleep?

Your Partner's Drinking Problem

How the skills and attitudes of resilience can help you when dealing with an alcoholic partner.

Fear - Part Two

Fear is a normal and can be an adaptive reaction to dangerous situations. But when fear is prolonged or unrealistic, it can be destructive.


Fear often makes our thinking rigid and it handicaps our ability to make realistic plans and take action to carry them out. Resilience is the antidote.

Keeping Perspective

Media coverage often encourages people to be more fearful, to see what's happening as being an event that could have a permanent and pervasive impact on everyone’s lives.

Remembering 9-11

Unfortunately, in the modern world, many of the traumatic events that occur are ones that we cannot change or necessarily prevent in the future.

Baby Boomers

Is our world a safer place to live than it was sixty years ago?

Your Ex

Feelings can often act as a filter and can distort the way we look at things.

Talented and Gifted

How you feel about present situations with an ex-spouse may be rooted in old hurts and a lot of anger from the past.

Looking for a Job in a Foreign Land

Once a highly regarded professional in your home country, now that you're living abroad, it seems the only jobs that people think you qualify for are a nurse’s aid or a fast food worker.

The Asteroid

What type of crisis will it take for you to think about the big picture? Another terror attack? A terminal illness? An asteroid hitting the planet? This might be a good time for some deep thought about what you see as the meaning of your life and your purpose in this world.