The Fever

As young children we learn about resilience from the actions of our parents.

Going Into Business for Yourself

Understanding, facing and dealing with the challenges of going into business for yourself using the skills and attitudes of resilience.


How to use the skills and attitudes of resilience when dealing with a prescription drug addiction.


We never know what challenges we will be dealt in life. Exploring scenarios that put to the test the different skills and attitudes of resilience is the purpose of the game Bounce Back.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Communication will be key. Members of our Armed Forces often don't seek help for the problems they know they may have because of fear and stigma associated with doing so.


Your job has changed recently and now you must work with this person each day. How can you use the skills and the attitudes of resilience to deal with this person and manage this situation?

The Storm

I didn't know about tornadoes but she did. It was hot. Very hot. I felt I could hardly breathe. The wind blew louder. The shutters and windows rattled. The rain came, beating hard against the roof and the windows. My mom pulled me closer. But in the middle of the storm I felt safe.

Your Job

Communication is one of the critical resilience skills used in dealing with challenges effecting work/life balance.

How Resilient Are We Really?

A card game called “Bounce Back” asks participants to respond to a challenge card that they have drawn from the deck of challenges.

Chronic Illness: Part 2

Chronic illnesses can make it very hard to exercise the skills and the attitudes of resilience. Time, patience and support can change things for the better.

Chronic Illness

While emotional control may be an extremely difficult for someone with a chronic illness, resilience skills and attitudes can help.

Partisan Politics - Part 4

The American people need to regain confidence in themselves and in their government. We need to get back to remembering and acting on the values that this country was built upon.

Partisan Politics - Part Three

Americans have lost a good deal of confidence the present political system and in themselves as well.

Partisan Politics Part Two

Resilience skills such as flexibility in thinking and developing realistic plans can bridge the partisan gap.

Partisan Politics

The “for me or against me” mentality doesn’t make the system work any better. It paralyzes it and will eventually destroy it.

Single Parenting

Parenting is a lot of work. While it is certainly good to have someone who can share the burden, there are certainly rewards to single parenting.

Encouraging Resilience of Our Children In Difficult Times

News stories, whether through a blog or cable television or postings on websites, often seem focused on convincing us that what is occurring is going to have permanent, negative effects on our lives and that this will never change no matter what we do and that the impact will be pervasive.

Bad News 24/7

There are three factors that seem to encourage pessimism. The first is a belief that the events that have occurred are permanent. The second is a belief that what has happened will have a pervasive effect on our lives. And the third is the issue of blame.

Resilience In a Time of War

The intensity of media coverage makes the world seems more chaotic than ever before. Some would argue that things are no more difficult than they’ve ever been in the world or no more uncertain.

Bullying At Work

Training and education of the workforce, development and enforcement of employee policies that protect the employee, and counseling, coaching, disciplining and even dismissal of aggressors are key to dealing with workplace bulyying.


Ebola can kill you, but so can a number of other things. It is more likely an individual will die from heart disease, cancer, traffic accidents, guns, the flu, ISIS, and even your own furniture (yes, tripping over furniture is more likely to kill you). Being afraid and worrying excessively over Ebola can be detrimental to your health.

When Hope Is Lost

How do we manage that conflict between pessimism and hope?

Bullying At Work

Employers need to be aware of the signs of bullying in their companies. Decreases in productivity, increases in attrition and absenteeism may be signs that bullying is occurring.

The Millennial Generation

Making the workplace a more positive environment, more productive, efficient environments for millennials.

The Psychologically Unhealthy Workplace

Psychologically healthy workplaces do exist, and the APA awards them.

Getting Older

Coming to terms with aging

The Resiliency of Caregiving

Maintaining balance when caring for individuals with intellectual disabilities.


As we get older and as we retire from certain areas of our life, we continue to need to find a balance.

The Adoption Story - Part Four

Maintaining the connection with one's biological family abroad.

The Changing Seasons

Emergency preparedness is vital to bouncing back from nature's seasonal storms.