Movies in Mind: Our Addiction to the Screen

By studying the allure of movies, we can learn much about how the mind works.

Experiencing Art: It's Not Just for Art's Sake

Why do we look at art? What is its value??

How We Frame Emotions Through Facial Expressions

How our faces express emotions is a moving window into our minds.

Movies with Movies in Mind: Games Filmmakers Play

What happens when the movie's magic spell is broken?

Happy Holidays: 'Tis the Season to be Merry with Movies

Holidays and movies go hand in hand

The Slow Art Movement: It's More than Meets the Eye

Seeing, learning, and feeling—these should be the features of our art experience be it at a museum, outside, or on the web.

"Boyhood" and The Psychology of Art and Reality

We expect certain things when we experience art than when we experience reality. The film, Boyhood, is a fascinating work that merges the two.

Documentaries Are Us: Real Life Stories as Stories

Four recently released documentary movies offer glimpses into our goals, drives, and obsessions.

Storytelling and the Rhythm of Movies

Storytelling and movies go hand in hand...we love a good plot.

It's An Acquired Taste: How Knowledge Drives Aesthetics

What does it mean when someone says, "It's an acquired taste"?

Surrealism, Creativity, and the Prefrontal Cortex

What does surrealism, creativity, and the prefrontal cortex have in common?

Cultural Perspectives in Film: The Wind Rises

In the movies, we expect to have a defined bad guy that the hero must overcome and defeat, whereas in Eastern cultures, good and bad often depends one's perspective.

Creativity and Art Expression

When we create art and when we experience it, we draw on knowledge—about the human condition, about our culture's plight, about personal experiences, and about the art process itself. There is a link between the artist and beholder, which can be enhanced by driving sensations, knowledge, and emotions.

Watching Movies for the First Time: What Does It Take?

How would you respond to a movie, if you've never seen one before?

The Extraordinary Views of David Hockney

That "wow" experience while viewing art comes when our sensory, conceptual, and emotional processes are jacked up to the max.

Reconstructing Memories With the Stories We Tell

Our recollections are stories, which are partly true and partly fiction.

The Creativity of Advertising, Media, & Movies: Got Art?

Experiencing Art: It's All Around Us

Psychocinematics: Cognition at the Movies

Discovering the Magic of Movies in the Laboratory

Experiencing Art: It's a Whole-Brain Issue, Stupid!

Experiencing art: In the brain of the beholder.