I love gleaning tips from businesses about how to design efficient systems, and then creatively applying those tips to my household and work routines. 

Whether you're an Amazon fan generally or not (it doesn't matter for the purposes of this article), there's no doubt that Amazon is a leader in designing efficient processes, and getting things done fast. 

The video below gives a quick glimpse into how Amazon organizes it's warehouses for it's Prime Now (one- to two- hour delivery service). The big takeaway is that instead of grouping all their units of the same item together, they scatter copies of the same item throughout their shelves.  This reduces the time it takes for their packing staff to walk to all the diverse items a particular customer has ordered.

Their computer system tracks where every item is and directs the worker to the closest location, minimizing the necessary walking time involved in collecting up all the customer's items.  

How is this relevant to your home and/or office?

Instead of only having your regularly used items in a single location, place copies in convenient places throughout your home.  If I use an item everyday, but in different rooms of the house, I like to have one copy of the item in any room where I use it. For example, I have a toddler so I use paper towels frequently.  Charging cords is another obvious example.  When I need an item I don't want to disrupt my flow to go to another room to get it.  

Group items that are used together in the same spot e.g., tape and scissors.  Put your items as close as possible to where you use that item.  Doing this also makes it more likely that you'll return the item to it's "home" after use.  It becomes more convenient to grab your item and to put it away.

Do you already do this?  What do you use frequently where this tip might apply?

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