Mindfulness Is Oversold

Has mindfulness therapy been oversold? A new paper suggests that it has—and that psychotherapy research in general may be in crisis.

A Tribute to Tom Magliozzi

An appreciation of Click and Clack

Bell of Freedom

Pete Seeger

Kenneth C. Edelin

Remembering an advocate for women's rights


Another look at serotonin, genetics, and happiness

Brief Career

Wit for a day.

Due for a Comeback?

What future for the serotonin transporter gene?

His Own Country

Abraham Vergehese's new novel, Cutting for Stone, raises the question: can a page-turner be high art?

Antidepressants and Suicide: WHO Scientists Weigh In

On the question of new antidepressants and suicide, the evidence we have has been synthesized, and the results are in.

Lexapro and Zoloft in a Cloud of Dust

 Is one antidepressant more effective than another? A new summary of "horse race" studies favors Zoloft and Lexapro -- but the real winner is . . .

Freebies, Farewell

It seems there will be no more Zyprexa pen-knives, Prozac mugs, or Zoloft soap dispensers. Drug companies have agreed to a moratorium on branded goodies for doctors. Will the ban on freebies lead to better prescribing?

On the Bright Side, Again

 I'm always amazed at how resistant depressed patients are to trying bright light therapy. The treatment may help; and even when it doesn't, people who try it tend to like it.