For Depressed Teens, Therapy Shows No Edge Over Routine Care

In a major new study, two standard psychotherapies—cognitive-behavioral and brief psychoanalytic—did no better than routine psychiatric care for adolescent depression.

Effective Up and Down the Line

A recent study finds that antidepressants work across the spectrum of major depression, for patients with severe, moderate, and mild forms of the disorder. Will the press notice?

No, Placebo Response Rates Are Not on the Rise

New research finds that placebo responses are not on the rise in antidepressant trials—a result that suggests the impact of placebo has been exagerated

What Bill Taught

W. P. Kinsella died last week. He's known for writing the novel that became the movie "Field of Dreams." But he also held a world record. And Bill could teach.

Why Doctors See Antidepressant Effects That Researchers Miss

Trust drug trials and mistrust clinical observation? Sometimes doctors know best—while researchers are blind to factors that help depressed patients recover.

Stronger Drugs, Stronger Placebos

New research is elucidating the biological underpinnings of the placebo response. The results might enhance our appreciation of real—inherently effective—medications.

Giving the Devil His Due

A study showcased as validating psychotherapy shows surprising benefits from medication.

Favorable Trajectories

How distinctive are antidepressants? Answers from research that looks at progress made by individual patients.

Thorough Recovery From Depression

Treating depression, clinicians aim for very thorough responses—few remaining symptoms. A current study finds that, compared to psychotherapy, medication more often does that job.

Mindfulness Is Oversold

Has mindfulness therapy been oversold? A new paper suggests that it has—and that psychotherapy research in general may be in crisis.

A Tribute to Tom Magliozzi

An appreciation of Click and Clack

Bell of Freedom

Pete Seeger

Kenneth C. Edelin

Remembering an advocate for women's rights


Another look at serotonin, genetics, and happiness

Brief Career

Wit for a day.

Due for a Comeback?

What future for the serotonin transporter gene?

His Own Country

Abraham Vergehese's new novel, Cutting for Stone, raises the question: can a page-turner be high art?

Antidepressants and Suicide: WHO Scientists Weigh In

On the question of new antidepressants and suicide, the evidence we have has been synthesized, and the results are in.