Despite the other entries on this topic, I thought today might be a good day to re-link to my prior postings on politicians and risky sex.

I’m off in the boonies, without good Web access, so I don’t know how many others have expressed these sentiments — many I imagine — but I’m angry as can be at the Edwards couple for their blithely endangering the Democratic Party, the country, and the world. That Bill and Monica gave us preemptive war, Abu Ghraib, and the rest is a reasonable thought — and the Edwards-Rielle Hunter affair was a similar disaster in the making.

Both John and Elizabeth Edwards should have known that they stood a good chance of extending Republican rule. What if, as of last week, John were the presumptive nominee — and then this affair had emerged? I know that cancer leads to desperate judgments, but still, why didn’t Elizabeth say what any of us might: John, if you care about the workingman, if you care about liberal values, if you want to avoid a train wreck, then stay out of this race?

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