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4 Tips for Maximizing your Strengths

One option for how to make your life feel more satisfying and enjoyable is to use your strengths more frequently and in different ways. Here are some tips.

51 Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship

While many relationships may display one or two of these warning signs, toxic relationships often feature a lot of these alarm bells.

Stress and Anxiety

Insights and practical strategies.

Test Anxiety - Quick Tips

Hope to cope with anxiety about taking tests.

Can You Just Stop Thinking About Something?

One of the topics that interests me most is when my personal experiences don't match up with research findings or conventional wisdom. Here's one area where this is the case.....

Strategies That Increase Anxiety

Many of the strategies people use to try to escape anxious feelings can lead to a snowball effect and actually increase anxiety. Here are three examples.

Rumination: Frequently Asked Questions

Understand rumination and what to do about it.

The 3 Most Important Trends in Psychology Research Right Now

Stay on top of the latest trends in psychology research.

6 Ways to Have More Fun This Christmas

How to reinvigorate your holiday traditions.

What's a Healthier Option Than Mainstream News?

No one needs a research study to know that mainstream news generally consists of negative news. For example, the nightly news or morning paper will tell you about a train that derailed but not the thousands of trains that didn't. Especially if you're prone to anxiety, watching or reading mainstream news can be fear and anxiety inducing. Why does this matter?

Small Thinking Errors Can Leave Big Dents in Your Net Worth

Correct these thinking errors to turbocharge your path to your savings goals.

Become a More Flexible Thinker

Learn about types of flexible thinking and how you can boost your skills.

Creating a More Connected Inner City Using City Science

When social psychologists do experiments they’re usually limited to fairly small scale. In fact, the bulk of psychology studies are done within universities with students for participants. Wouldn’t it be cool if you had a whole inner city neighborhood as your petri dish?

5 Ways to Feel Calmer at Work, Starting Today

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5 Strengths of Highly Sensitive People

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10 Things Calm People Do

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Coping With a Breakup: 10 Tips for Men

These ten tips are aimed at helping men who have recently separated from a long term partner. Men often feel shocked by a breakup and feel very intense emotions in the first few weeks of being newly single. Try these tips to help you start to process what has happened, and feel calmer.

Fine Tune Your Relationship - 5 Relationship Audit Areas

It’s easy to take a good long-term relationship for granted. Here are some questions to help you keep your relationship on the right track, and stay connected.

6 Questions to Reflect and Review

I'm currently back in New Zealand briefly and checking in with some of my old clients. I sent each client a one-pager with some brief questions to kickstart their process of reflecting and reviewing. I thought I'd share the questions here so any of you can try them.

Preventing Burnout — Simple Tips

This is a very simple plan for noticing your personal warning signs of burnout and creating a plan for avoiding bigger issues.

21 First Date Ideas

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with novel and interesting first date ideas. To help you out, I polled a group of my expert colleagues for their ideas. They're all fellow bloggers here at Psychology Today. Here's what they said.

How to Wake Up – Toni Bernhard – Interview

The following is an interview containing awesome mindfulness tips with Toni Bernhard, a former law professor who was forced to retire by sudden onset chronic illness. If you have a history of anxiety, depression, or just a general sense that life feels like you’re always swimming upstream, I think you’ll benefit from reading the interview.

Winter Weight Gain: 10 Tips to Avoid It

Practical tips for how to avoid gaining weight during winter.

2014 Dieting Study—You Can Participate

The folks at Lift (a phone app) are partnering with researchers from UC Berkeley and Stanford University to do a dieting study for 2014. If losing weight is your 2014 resolution, you might want to check it out and potentially sign up to participate (it's free). I asked them some questions about their study.

Avoidance Coping

Avoidance coping creates stress and anxiety, and ravages self-confidence. It's is a major factor that differentiates people who have common psychological problems (e.g., depression, anxiety, and/or eating disorders) vs. those you don’t. The first step to overcoming avoidance coping is to learn to recognize it (at the time you're doing it).

21 First Date Questions

Try these ideas for questions to ask on a first date.