5 Strategies to Relieve Anxiety

Anxiety is a state all of us will encounter probably many times during the course of a lifetime. Because it can cause much discomfort and worry, mastery of it is essential.

The Power to Change in Trying Times

The changes going on in the world are testing many of us to the limits. While many changes are seemingly out of our immediate control, what remains for us to control is ourselves.

7 Signs That You're in a Loving Relationship

The most challenging relationship in your life is with yourself. The second most challenging relationship is with your partner in an intimate relationship.

"I Think It'll Get Darker Before It Gets Lighter"

This beloved story is one of self-discovery and transformation. Every time we venture forward into unknown territory we change, transforming into a fuller expression of ourselves.

9 Things You Can Expect Manipulative People to Do

Manipulative people prey upon your good and caring nature and then pull you into intrigue and drama of their own making.

Toxic People

Several people weighed in on 8 Common Traits of Toxic People. Here are some of their thoughts, and mine, that will hopefully help shed more light on the subject.

8 Common Traits of the Toxic People in Your Life

Sometime in your life you will come across a toxic person. This post will help you identify and deal with these difficult people.

The Dance of Relationship

Relationships are often compared to dancing. When partners are on the same page the dance looks easy and effortless. But what about a partner who constantly steps on your toes?

The Benefits of Creative Visualization

Creative visualization is a tested tool to help us achieve our goals and overcome limitations. By accessing the subconscious we can change our beliefs & ultimately,our reality.

The Importance of Friends

How often do we really stop to think how fortunate we are to have certain people in our lives. Real friends inspire and encourage us, lend support and raise us up.

6 Ways to Re-new and Re-balance Your Life

Spring is a time of new beginnings and growth. Following the season as an example, we can reassess our lives, make change, start new projects,and begin again.

How to Not Pass Along Our "Stuff" to Our Children

We go through life dealing with our own anxieties, neuroses, issues, and problems.What happens when we don't fully deal with our own issues? Do our children "inherit" them from us?

Get Back to Where You Once Belonged

Our whole life has been spent living and interacting with other people. When do we finally get a chance to return home to ourselves and reconnect with our core self once more?

Who Is NOT a Replacement Child

The word "replacement" to describe a child that takes the place of another often evokes negative feelings and anger. This blog clarifies who qualifies as an RC and who does not.

5 Benefits of Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

We all have a comfort zone---that which is familiar and certain. But it's essential to step outside this zone and deal with life in order to grow, transition, and transform.

7 Tips to Create Healthy Boundaries with Others

Healthy boundaries help you form and maintain healthy relationships. Knowing what you need, what personal space is yours helps to to prevent unwanted overtures and violations of what you consider personally sacred.

When the Best You Can Be is Not Good Enough

There are specific times in our lives when we don't feel like we're good enough. But the challenges for a person raised to feel "not good enough" most of the time is a daunting one. Where do these internal messages come from, how are they generated, and what can we do to learn that we are indeed enough, just the way we are.

Famous Replacement Children

The replacement child is the product of many factors including unresolved parental grief, survivor guilt, and the search for an identity of their own apart from a deceased sibling. However, their special gifts and talents may set famous replacement children apart, helping them to creatively forge their own unique identity.

11 Ways Rituals Help Us Celebrate Our Lives

Rituals as we know them have the ability to move us into our spiritual lives. But personally created and performed rituals and ceremonies have the power to give us the freedom to take real responsibility for how we choose to live and help to create a unique individual and meaningful existence.

9 Secrets Happy People Already Know

Some people seem to be happier than others—more positive, more forward-looking, more willing to take risks and meet life. Is there a secret to finding happiness or is it available to all of us, if only we look in the right places?

Making Every Day Count

We spend so much time planning way ahead for our future. Yet, all we can ever be sure of is the day in which we find ourselves. This article is a reminder to honor each day and night of every day you are given.

The Importance of Learning How to Make Decisions

Decision-making and problem-solving are such essential skills for managing and living life. So how come so many people by the time they're adults don't have a clue or a plan about what to do when confronted with change, choices, and decisions? Here are some suggestions about how to cultivate good decision-making for our children and for ourselves.

How to Prepare for Life Changes

Change is inevitable. Sometimes change comes about that we need to respond to and this may require putting our own plans on hold. Sometimes we decide that we need to change course in our lives because what we had been doing is not working for us. Here are some basic points and tools to help us prepare for change.

10 Signs That You're In a Healthy Relationship

Relationship usually begin with romance and sex being upfront and center. But what really sustains a relationship? Here are some points to keep in mind while you're working on creating that special partnership.

Addiction Speaks

Addiction comes in many shapes and forms. Not all addictions are alike in their severity and duration. Even those addictions that are less severe and less life-threatening can hold us in its clutches for years on end. This entry includes a letter written to Veronica by her "addict self." What emerges from our own depths and from our own will to heal is often poignant.

The Shape of Your life

More than the straight line, moving from point A to point B, or the circle representing a completion, our lives more specifically follow the course of the spiral. This movement allows us to move up and down, from left to right, & is never fixed or permanent. As with the shape of the spiral, we have a chance to see our progress through each successive winding.

The First Time

From the moment we are born we will all go through a series of first time events. How we experience them will depend upon many things, but especially how we are raised and how we think and feel about ourselves. Here are 7 points to consider to enhance your first time experiences.

Expanding Consciousness

Meditation is a tool to help us leave the conscious life behind and go in search of those things deep within our consciousness. Imagery helps us break down the linear, logical barriers created by our thoughts so that we may go beyond our limitations to places unknown and untapped.

The Importance of Being Alone

Being alone is often thought of as a negative state of being---that there is something wrong or defective when you are by yourself. Nothing could be further from the truth which is that you need to be alone to truly come to know yourself and what is best for you.

Are You a Replacement Child?

The replacement child is a phenomenon known through early clinical papers but not well recognized in the mainstream. Many people know they are replacement children from early on while others only come to recognize themselves as such as life unfolds. Understanding the unique phenomenon of the RC may lead to better resolution for the individual.