Sex, Footwear, Fashion, and Fantasy

For a small minority of people, shoes can become a sexual fetish either on its own or overlapping with other sexual paraphilias. But what do we actually know about shoe fetishism?

Back From the Dead

Lazarus Syndrome refers to the spontaneous return of blood circulation after the person has been declared dead. But what do we know about this very rare phenomenon?

Excessive Gaming and Pain Perception

Some suggests that use of smartphones and videogames can be addictive. However, there is also evidence that such use can have therapeutic benefits, like reducing feelings of pain.

Genital Drug Injection

Genital drug injection appears to be a rare behaviour but there are a number of recorded cases in the medical literature. But what do we know about this extreme behaviour?

Hyphephilia Explored and Explained

Hyphephilia is a paraphilia in which individuals derive sexual arousal from touching skin, hair, leather, or fur. But what do we know about such tactile fetishistic behavior?

Sex and the Internet

The Internet has enabled people’s engagement in a wide variety of online sexual behaviours. For a small minority, such behaviors may take on addictive qualities.

Tickling Fetishism Explored

Arguably one of the most obscure paraphilias is knismophilia (sexual arousal from tickling). This post explores tickling fetishes by examining online resources about the behavior.

Drug Use And Creativity

A recent systematic review of the psychological literature reviewed all studies that provided empirical data on the relationship between psychoactive substance use.

David Bowie's Life at the Extremes

David Bowie was one of the most interesting people that ever lived. With an ever-shifting persona he sometimes lived life at the extremes (addiction and an interest in the occult)

Sex And Water Fetishes

Water-based fetishes and paraphilias appear to be rare but there are various references to it in both the popular and academic literature. To find out more, read on.

Excessive Knitting and Addiction

Knitting has been the subject of academic interest bit what does the psychological literature say about excessive knitting as an addiction?

Donald Trump and the 'Golden Showers' Allegations

Over the last day or so, stories have cited unverified claims that Donald Trump paid prostitutes to urinate in front of him. But what do we actually know about urophilia?

Hypnosis And Sexual Health

Seduction through mind control (i.e., erotic hypnosis) has a long history in Western culture but what do we know about hypnosis and sexual health from a psychological perspective?

The Psychology of Financial Dominatrixes

There have been an increasing number of media reports about women who demand money from men who in turn get sexual pleasure from the activity. But why?

Workaholism and Psychiatric Disorders

There has been an increasing amount of research into workaholism but was is the relationship between work addiction, ADHD, OCD and depressions?

The Psychology of Animal Torture

Why would anyone want to deliberately inflict pain on a defenseless animal?

Mechanophilia Exposed and Explained

In a society where more people are spending more time with technology and machines, is there evidence that some people are sexually aroused by machines?

The Rise of Daily Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports have changed dramatically over the last few years and now include daily versions where people pay to play. But is it a form of gambling or a game of skill—or both?

Box Set Bingeing (Revisited)

Research into 'box set bingeing' (watching a whole TV series in one sitting) has grown over the last few years and now there is a new psychometric scale that assesses it.

Halloween and Fancy Dress

Halloween is around the corner and many people will be in fancy dress on October 31st. But what do we know about the psychology of dressing up more generally?

Can Cycling Be Addictive?

There has been an increasing amount of research into exercise addiction and it's sub-types. One such type is 'cycling addiction' but can it really be classed as an addiction?

A Brief Look at Medical Student Syndrome

There is some empirical evidence that some particular sub-groups of people appear to suffer hypochondria-related disorders relating to the medical conditions they are studying

Poetry as an Addiction

It was recently argued that the act of writing poetry can potentially meet some of the criteria for addiction and has been termed 'poesegraphilia.' This post takes a closer look.

Can Thumb Sucking Be Addictive?

Thumb sucking is a common behavior in young children but a small minority carry on the behavior into their adulthood. Is this problematic and could it be described as addictive?

Is the Concept of "Internet Addiction" a Misnomer?

Internet addiction is now a widely studied phenomenon. However most research shows that a minority of people have addictions on the internet but rarely to it.

Screenagers and Technology Use

There has been a lot of debate about how much time children should spend in front of screens. I argue content and context of screen time is more import than the amount of time.

Are Olympians Addicted to Exercise, Work or Neither?

Olympic athletes are dedicated to their profession and spend hours every day training and exercising. But are Olympic athletes addicted to exercise, their work, or neither?

The Truman Show Delusion

Watching reality television shows do not cause psychotic or delusional episodes. However, those with underlying illnesses (e.g., schizophrenia) may develop a Truman Show Delusion.

Addicted to Gossip?

It's often said that everyone loves to gossip. But are there people who gossip a bit to much? Are there individuals that are actually addicted gossip?

Internet Gaming Disorder vs. Internet Addiction Disorder

In the DSM-5, Internet Gaming Disorder is seen as synonymous with internet use disorder (IUD) and internet addiction (IA). Empirical evidence clearly shows this is not the case.