The Passing of a Primal Therapist

Primal therapy and Janov were once embodiments of counter-cultural expression.

For Foreign Spies, the President Self-Profiles

Once world leaders thought they should conceal their quirks. That was so yesterday.

The Real Story Behind the Goldwater Rule

Only the American Psychiatric Association bars long-distance diagnosis. Why?

Typecast as "Trump"

Trump has created a character he can't escape.

What You Didn't Know About that Mad Men Encounter Group

In the last episode of Mad Men, Don Draper's personal growth experience has deep roots in the human potential movement, humanistic psychology, and J.L. Moreno's psychodrama.

The Most Influential Psychiatrist of the 20th Century?

A prolific innovator whose ideas are so pervasive that they rival Freud in his influence on our time.

Defending Lincoln Against Psychoanalysis

Why did a New York state senator want to ban psychoanalysis in 1931?

How the "Psychological Drama" Taught Peter Lorre How to Act

Peter Lorre’s fate is a lesson for all of us. Old roles are hard to give up, even for great actors.

The First Couples Therapy, Starring Joan Crawford

How two celebrities became what might be the first recorded case of couples therapy.

My Dad, the Psychodramatist

Forty years ago my father, the psychodrama and group therapy pioneer J.L.Moreno, died at the age of 84. My book about his remarkable life and the many ways he shaped our time will be published next month: "Impromptu Man: J.L. Moreno and the Origins of Psychodrama, Encounter Culture, and the Social Network."

The Artist, the Bull, and the Implanted Antenna

Artistic creativity, technological enhancement, surgical risk, and brain engineering as performance art, are all part of this story.

OKCupid, Say It Ain't So!

How OKCupid let down the lovelorn.

Who Owns the Social Network?

The founder of social network analysis called it the people's social science. What does the controversial Facebook experiment tell us about that?

High Time to Destigmatize Psychedelics

A conference at the University of Pennsylvania heralds new hope for prudent work on psychedelics' potential to aid psychotherapy.

Sex With Patients Revisited

Forty years ago the therapy world was astir with talk of sex with patients. What has changed?

Should Teachers Learn Neuroscience?

Should teachers become neuroscientists?

Harvard's Experiment on the Unabomber, Class of '62

Ted Kaczynski was part of a humiliation experiment as a Harvard undergrad.

Robot Soldiers Will Be a Reality, and a Threat

Fully autonomous lethal weapons should never be permitted.

The Mother of Psychodrama

Zerka T. Moreno's memoir is a story of a remarkable woman and an important document in the history of psychology.

Gene Screens for PTSD

If the genetic risk of PTSD becomes understood and measurable, should all warfighters be screened?

Stay Awake, Comrades

Warfighters have good reason to seek help in staying awake. Fatigue is a principle source of error in combat zones, where long periods of boredom are punctuated with seconds of chaos. Extending the period of useful wakefulness among soldiers has long been a dream of military commanders.

Is Science Getting Easier, Harder, or Both?

As we dig into the weeds of the nature of reality, reality is ever more stubborn about giving up its secrets.

Can Mars Save American Science from American Politics?

The findings of a recent survey confirm that we have entered an unprecedented era of politicized science. For all its faults and risks, it might be that only a new space mission can rescue science from the culture wars.