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Work and Suicide

The specter of suicide looms large for white males in our struggling economy.

Is It Natural to Hate Work?

So you are angry about your job? Lie down on the couch and tell us about it!

Killing Academia: The Death of America's Colleges

Wake up, America! Your children are no longer being taught by professors.

Incivility in the Workplace

Caution: Your workplace may be hazardous to your health.
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America: The “No-Vacation Nation”

How your boss isn't feeling much love towards your down time.

Lessons to be Learned from the Enron Scandal

What can we learn from Enron? A lot more than you'd think.
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Dragging Dead Bodies

Dragging around the dead bodies at work sure can wear you out! Here is some good advice.
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So You Think You Are In Recovery? Maybe Not.

Does you recovery contain these 10 components?
 Ebenezer Scrooge: The Quintessential Controlling Perfection

Ebenezer Scrooge: The Quintessential Controlling Perfection

Can we still learn something new from this quintessential Christmas story?

Sociopaths at Work

You won't believe the things some people have to do at work.

Killing Academia 2: Colleges don't really educate students

You would think that colleges and universities know how to educate our students. Guess what? They don’t.
Do You Dare to Accept the Apology Challenge?

Do You Dare to Accept the Apology Challenge?

I'll bet you your apologies REALLY suck. And your relationships are suffering as a result. So you better read this.

Working from Home: For Better or Worse?

Want to work at home? It might work out for you if you can keep these things in mind.

Killing Academia

America's Colleges and Universities are failing their students. And no, it's not about the rising costs.

Never, EVER Do This With a Narcissistic Boss!

Don't make this common yet painful error with your boss!

A New Type of Workplace Abuse

As if we did not have enough misery on our jobs, economics have now created a new one.

Coping With Narcissistic Coworkers: Some Unique Strategies

These self-centered, fabulously egotistical coworkers are a handful. Grandiose, expansive and with an unbridled sense of entitlement, they are out to exploit you for their selfish agendas. Here are some rather unique yet simple ways not to get caught in their web!

Why We Really Hate Our Jobs

What REALLY causes us to hate our jobs? You'd be surprised!

Welcome to the 18th Century

When compared to it's European cohorts, anti-bullying laws in the United States seem to be rather Byzantine.
Do Codependents Make the Best or Worst Employees?

Do Codependents Make the Best or Worst Employees?

Codependents can make the best or the worst of employees depending on how they are treated. Here is how to manage them.

Should We Treat Narcissists Like Alcoholics?

Is it possible that an old tried and true method of helping alcoholics and drug addicts can actually be useful in the treatment of narcissists by helping them break through their denial?
  The Toxic Workplace

The Toxic Workplace

Today's workplaces are more stressful and toxic than ever before. So, how does yours shape up?

The Narcissistic Wound

Narcissists present a unique challenge in the workplace and in personal relationships. Understanding their "Narcissistic Wound" will help you to deal with them more effectively.

How Psychologically Healthy Is Your Workplace?

How mentally healthy is your workplace? Answer these 12 questions. The answer just may surprise you!

Do You Know the 4 Types of Borderline Personality Disorder?

People with BPD are known for their stormy and provocative relations with others. Being able to identify the 4 different types can help you begin to transform your personal and work relations.

Some Tips on How to Ask Your Perfectionist Boss for a Raise

Dealing with controlling perfectionists is not easy. And though you may feel deserving of a raise, you may find the prospect of confronting your controlling perfectionist boss daunting. Here is how to do it.

3 Key Tells That You're in a Relationship With a Narcissist

Narcissists can ruin a romantic relationship or a work setting faster than you can spell the word "Narcissist." Here's how to tell if you're involved with one.

Controlling Perfectionists in the Workplace

Do you dread going to work on Mondays because of your boss, co-workers, or other annoying people you have to work with? If you’ve ever had the misfortune of working with, for, or alongside of someone who was a “control freak,” a “micromanager,” a “workaholic,” or a “nitpicker,” then this helpful article is for you!

Are You in Love With a Controlling Perfectionist?

Often the guy who appears to be Mr. Perfect is not what you think he is. Guys that look like they have it "all together" can turn out to be critical and controlling as the relationship progresses.