A Prayer for Serenity Shapes Mad Men's Latest Episode

Many "Mad Men" fans wonder if the final show will reveal Don as the falling man in the weekly opening sequence: he has already been jailed, lost his job, alienated his second wife, betrayed his daughter. He has stared out the window while drinking, and into an elevator with no floor while drunk. But it’s not over until it’s over. Will Don embrace serenity?

Looking Inward for Advice in All the Wrong Places: The Lessons of Imagination Training

Imagination work, Gary said, could reunite us with meaning, beauty, and mystery. And it could help us problem solve.

The Inclusive Love of Casey and Shana

We're both very selective of who we let into our lives but it has nothing to do with Casey's disability. We want positive people around us...kids get so much crap at school. I'll come home from work, the kids will jump on me, Casey will kiss me. Boom Boom Pow will be playing and we'll jump around, dance, cook, go out for walks. Before he met me, he felt like if he told people about his mosaic Down syndrome they would dump him. A lot of people took advantage of his sweet nature. I'd also had bad experiences with friends. We both had that.

David: Desperately Seeking Documentation--(Response to Orli Van Mourik's "Quirky Minds: Hypergraphia: River of Words")

Next morning, I stop in Recovery to say goodbye to David. He's spelling his nurses' last names; he's still got it. Then he sees me without my camera guy or even Kodak. Pointing to his catheter, to the tube draining stuff from his brain, he starts shouting, "you're missing this!"

Love in the Time of Brain Tumors

 Gently, Sandra cupped her hand over an indent on the side of her face, also a result of the operation. And then she waited for the camera and the artist's gaze behind it to find and expose her.

Introduction to "Imperfect Offerings"

In a growled prayer, Cohen exhorts us to,"Ring the bells that still can ring; forget your perfect offering; there is a crack in everything; that's how the light gets in." What a sharp understanding of what it means to be human.I am excited to share the insights of people who thrive in the face of their human limitations, whether these are exposed to them through chosen experiences (like extreme sports) or involuntary ones (like illness and disability). I can never get enough of stories about how and what the light gets through--and about the precious qualities of that light.