Using Humor to Dissolve Parent-Child Conflicts

There's nothing funny about a child's melt-down. But infuse a little humor and the conflict just might melt away.

Loving the Child You Have

How do you let go of old ideals, and parent the child in front of you versus the one you thought you’d be raising?

I Am Mama Watch Me....Clean

One of the greatest gifts we can give our children is to help them explore and develop their unique talents and support them when they—undoubtedly—try to resist being who they are at their essence.

Waving or Drowning?

How can parents tell a perfunctory whine from a plea for reprieve, especially when the grumbling and thrashing both look the same?

Self-Care for Moms, Part 3

We moms all know the importance of self-care, but how can we make space for it in our hectic lives?

Self-Care for Moms, Part 2

Self-care for moms is not a running FROM your all-consuming career as a mom, but a running TO, that is: running to yourself—returning to who you are at your core, remembering what gives you energy, preparing you to care for others.

Self-Care for Moms, Part 1

Why do moms find it so hard to take care of their own needs?

Straining to Be Heard

When memories of a childhood event resurface, it's wise to listen. They might be trying to help you with a present-day problem.

Tears of Change

The next time your child’s words or actions make you tear up spontaneously, think about this: these unexpected tears might be telling you something about where you’ve been and where you are headed.

Plays Well With Others, Part 2

It's important to teach our children when and how to assert themselves. Yet, this can be a challenging task, especially if asserting our own rights is a daily struggle.

Plays Well With Others

We need to teach our children that they have authority in this world, they have a right to protect themselves, and sometimes being polite is not the answer.

Mythical Mean Mom

If we’re steeling ourselves for the terrible twos, the tantrums will come. If we’re waiting for the moment our teenager climbs out the window, it probably will happen.

Conscious Parenting

As parents, we make hundreds of decisions a day. If our goal is to raise functional, healthy families, we should choose to make these decisions from a place of healing from our childhood wounds, rather than subconsciously performing a daily reenactment of the things we dreaded most from our own upbringing.

A Boston Mom's Marathon Notebook

When a tragedy such as the bombings at the Boston Marathon occurs, it's okay to admit to your children—and to yourself—that you don't have all the answers.

Listening To the Signs

One of the hardest things about being a parent is figuring out when our kids want us to fix their problems and when they want us to simply listen and offer support.

The Falling Shoe Syndrome

Most moms have childhood wounds that resurface in their parenting, and it often happens subconsciously, in a blink of an eye.

The Myth of the "Other Mother"

Moms often have a difficult time admitting just how hard parenting can be, especially when we are faced with the realities of motherhood versus our pre-children idyllic expectations. Assuming that other moms are doing it better, faster, easier, and in really good shoes, can lead us to feel pretty down on ourselves. Unless and until we realize that no one is perfect.

The Root of It All

It is not about rehashing the past, blaming our parents, or even trying to do better than they did. It’s about moving forward, recognizing why we do the things we do, and trying to do better. One mistake at a time.