Lisa Tessman

Do You Feel Like You Have To Do It All?

If only none of our values ever conflicted with our other values, we could act on all of them. But that’s not always the position we’re in.
Michael D. Kennedy/Wikimedia Commons

Are You Self-Sacrificing?

Self-sacrifice doesn’t always involve sacrificing your own individual self. We also self-sacrifice when we give up what matters the most to us—which might not be our own self.

Quiz: Can You Avoid Wrongdoing?

Quizzes on moral decision making seem to offer choices between right and wrong. But what if the choices are really between wrong and wrong?

There Are Choices No One Should Ever Have to Face

The American Health Care Act might seem attractive because it would offer people choices. But it would actually force some people to choose between two unthinkable options.
Kristin Baldeschwiler/Pixabay

What Do You Think You Ought to Think You Ought to Do?

If there’s something that you think you ought to do, you can still question whether you think that you ought to think that you ought to do it.
Jenny Kaczorowski (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

I Did the Best Thing I Could. So Why Do I Feel Bad?

Moral values come in many different kinds, and they can come into conflict with each other, sometimes creating situations in which anything we do will involve violating some value.