Bullying Sells Beef Jerky

The "Messin' with Sasquatch" ads for Jack Link's beef jerky were always irritating and pointless, but with this new wave of tragic teen suicide prompted by being bullied to death, these ads are offensive. They are clearly saying it's not only fun to be cruel to someone different, but it's so acceptable that we are going to use the concept to sell our product.

Fads Don't Cure Fat

Step classes, spinning, slide aerobics and power yoga are just a few of the dozens of exercise fads that have popped up in the past 20 years. Not to mention home regimes like Nordictrack, Soloflex and Thigh Master. There are countless diets such as Atkins, South Beach and Hollywood Cookie that end up on best seller lists and infomercials for a moment until the next one comes along. And yet with all these products and plans our relationship to our bodies and to food and exercise has become increasingly more hostile and unhealthy. Clearly fad diets and fad exercise plans don't work in the long run.

Name That Baby

In a time when celebs are naming their kids Bronx Mowgli, Dusti Rain, Apple, Pilot Inspektor and Kal-el it seems non-creative parents to be who desperately want to think of themselves as creative or parents who are just too insecure to make their own decisions are now hiring baby-naming consultants to do the job for them. According to an article in The Wall Street Journal the professional baby naming business is booming. Anxious almost-parents are paying up to $350 for baby naming consultation that includes phone interviews and packets of name options with name histories, linguistic origins and personality traits, all information that is easily found online for free.

Make Love Not Texts

Texting while driving seemed like the height of bad judgment until now. A recent study about social media addiction revealed that one in ten people under the age of 25 think it's OK to interrupt sex with a text. OMG that's 10 percent! The days of sneaking into the bathroom after a hot date to call your best friend and give her the scoop are long over. As are the days of not talking on the phone during family dinners, pretending to pay attention in class, and enjoying a movie without seeing the glaring lights of vibrating cell phones. Now apparently it's totally acceptable to literally text while in the middle of coitus.

The Ex Factor

James Cameron and Kathryn Bigelow are both up for Best Director Oscars for the stunning Avatar and gritty The Hurt Locker, respectively. Of course there are other directors in the running but all eyes are on these two, not only because this specific duel pits a studio film with an enormous budget against an indie with a tiny one, a smug egotistical man against a demur stoic woman, and most interestingly, ex-husband versus ex-wife. James and Kathryn were married from 1989-1991 and although both are insisting they are "good friends" and extremely happy for the others' success, most of Hollywood is hoping that Bigelow snatches the Oscar away from the self-titled "King of the World." This literal battle of the exes has made me think about my own philosophy when it comes to past beaus.

My Super Bowl

I never understood why grown intelligent men yelled at the TV, wore team jerseys even at home and truly felt anguish over a loss like it was their own puppy that died. Or conversely felt proud of a win, like their energy and will alone helped propel the team to victory. I have had coutless sterotypical arguments with boyfriends about being a "football widow" and I just didn't get sports fanaticism until my ex-husband said something brilliant, "Reality shows are your sports." According to Nielsen ratings, reality shows are sports for many other women as well. They are filled with protagonists, villians, competition, desire and drama.

My Learner Marriage

My memoir, How To Get Divorced By 30, published by Penguin, is in stores today. While doing interviews the past week several interviewers have commented that I sound surprisingly cheery for a divorced lady and it occurred to me that although about 50% of marriages end in divorce, divorced women are still thought of as baggage-laden shrews. In my experience the opposite is true! Divorced women, especially those who have been divorced by 30, have a sense of independence and self-worth. For whatever reasons their marriages didn't work out so instead of staying the course and being miserable ‘til death do they part, they got out feeling being single is better than being unhappily married.

Imprinted By Teen Love

When baby birds are born they latch on to the first object with which they have contact, and forever follow the example of that object, which is usually and hopefully the mother bird. I feel a similar kind of imprinting happened to me when I first fell in love.

Couple Worship, RIP

When an idol lets us down, Tiger Woods for example, we often feel betrayed because we trusted that person with our adoration and they didn't live up to our expectations. We unfairly do the same with couples, both famous and non-famous. We become attached to the couple and what we think they stand for together, the two halves making a much better whole.

Happy Birthday JC!

My understanding is Jesus loves everyone, regardless of each person's beliefs, actions, morals, background, intelligence, good deeds and bad deeds. And this universal unconditional love is part of what makes Christ so appealing. But this is where I get confused. If Jesus loves everyone, no matter what, then why is his love worth so much?

Giver Beware

For many people buying presents for a brand new boyfriend or girlfriend is a daunting and delicate task and can often make or break the budding romance. I know I'm a little late to help out with Hanukkah presents but here is my 5-step gift giving guide for people in new relationships, which I define as dating for 6 months or less.

Get Mad...At the Right Person

It seems the Tiger Woods scandal has made cheating everyone's favorite topic, including me. While doing some canoodling research I was shocked to learn that in seven states, Hawaii, Illinois, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Dakota and Utah, a person who has been cheated on by their spouse not only has the right to seek damages from their spouse, but also has legal standing to sue their spouse's lover. This is called an "alienation of affection" suit. And it's outrageous.

Tip of the Cheating Iceberg

Once I learned, with the rest of the country, that the world's best golfer Tiger Woods had cheated on his gorgeous wife Elin Nordegren, I knew it would only be a matter of days before the full extent of his hot and heavy skeletons would come clamoring out of the closet. Clearly that first whisper of his affair with Rachel Uchitel was just the tip of an enormous hidden cheating iceberg because regardless of whether you're a gifted famous athlete or an average Joe from accounting, if you've cheated on your partner once, chances are you've cheated many many times.