Why do people confuse lifespan, with life expectancy, with average years of life and years expected to live?

Genetics of Longevity

There is a schism between lifespan and theoretical lifespan…human behavior.

Life Expectancy

Check a dictionary and the entry for Life Expectancy is wonder so many people misunderstand the concept.

Reclaiming Senile

A collection of my Psychology Today Blogs.

Is Gut Bacteria Designed to Kill Older Adults?

There are 10 times more bacterial cells in your body than human cells. Although smaller than human cells, and weigh only 1-3% of our body weight, the 500-1,000 species of bacteria seem to have evolved with humans. We have an ostensibly symbiotic relationship with bacteria. But is this relationship the same when we get older, or is bacteria trying to kill us?

How You Accept Other's stereotypes.

The word senile has become associated with dementia, although its earlier meaning was "pertaining to old age." In the late 1900 neuroscientists were still referring to the term as old age hence "senile dementia." the it changed and senile become a derogatory term. Such stereotypes pervade our social life and we need to start eroding this negativity.

Social Security: Supreme Court Denies Fifth Amendment

The US Constitution protects citizens from seizure of property. Our Social Security contributions are an investment for our retirement. Such investments, as property, are the sole provider for most vulnerable, frail minority older adults. Protected under the Fifth Amendment such property cannot be denied. Or can it?

Robin WIlliams's Autopsy Report

Why do we find it so comforting to identify a biological disease as the cause of a trauma? Is this science or are we finding psychological excuses to not face the reality of an individual's pain and anguish?

Is Cancer the Cure for Alzheimer's disease?

The finding that cancer is inversely associated with Alzheimer's disease has the biochemists in a frenzy to understand this relationship. But this observation has a more exciting theoretical implication.The implication is that Alzheimer's disease is determined by homeostasis, a balance. The search for single biomarkers is yet again exposed as a holy grail.

Having Children Beneficial to Living Longer?

Are we to take a new study seriously that having children increases our life expectancy, or is there a more simple explanation for the results of this new study from Denmark?

Are Humans Heading for Extinction?

A perfect storm is brewing, with women having fewer children, sperm count declining and the obesity rate increasing making it harder for women to conceive. All point towards the extinction of the human race. Were we so wrong in the 60s? Can we make it right?

Is Castration the Answer to Living Longer?

Is castration one way to cheat the body to stay around longer, or are there better ways to do that? Centenarians can show us a more pragmatic way to live longer.

Grieve Alone, Your Way

How come grief therapists got it so wrong with older adults? There are no stages.

Are We Meant to Live Longer?

Our bodies are built to last longer than we are currently living to. Our cells can replicate for more than a few lifetimes, while stem cells can replace dying cells. So why are we using them up so quickly?

How Old Are You?

If our body is in a constant frenzy of renewal how come we look so old?

Heart to Heart Talk

Heart transplant recipients report that they acquire characteristics and desires of their heart donors. Sometimes specific memories as well. Perhaps our heart does hold the secrets of love after all.

Oldest Boldest Strongest

Older adults are exceptional human beings...some are exceptional athletes at older age. There is a lot of variance in older adults' capacity and we need to start appreciating this diversity.

Our Own Virtual Reality Box: The Brain

If our brain is designed to make a model of reality, can we use this to explain older adults' behavior?

Financial Elder Abuse by Banks, Casinos and Lawyers

Why are we going for the low hanging fruits in financial elder abuse? District Attorneys need to fill in the vacuum left by the lack of national policy priorities. We need to go for perpetrators that are quietly doing more financial harm to older adults: Banks, Lawyers and Casinos. This level of institutional abuse we can prevent.

No Pissing Joke

Why does urinating become more problematic the older you get?

Is Dementia Caused By Aluminum Through Fluoridation?

In some states where fluoridation is mandated like Kentucky, 41 percent of older adults have lost their teeth. What is the public health reasoning for making these people drink fluoridated water? Or don't they matter in the public health debate?

Collecting Problems

Why do older adults hoard?

Fluoridation and Dementia

If the beta-amyloid deposits are truly the cause of dementia then why do we allow fluoride in our water that causes them?

Sleep Is the Best Medicine for Older Adults

Why older adults have difficulty sleeping and why this could accelerate negative outcomes.

Traveling With Dementia

There is increasing friction caused by passengers with dementia (even early stage) when they have to maneuver the labyrinth of air travel.

Death By Numbers

How many years will you gain at 87 if you eliminated all the main killers such as Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Stroke, Influenza and Pneumonia, and chronic obstructive lung disease? Is 5.7 years enough? So why are we so fixated on a cure and not in finding better CARE.

Dating at Older Age

Although ostensibly looking for different qualities on online dating sites, men and women share one common need--not to become caregivers (again).

Our Subconscious Internal Reality

Our complex brain develops a very detailed reality simulation. We live in this simulated world more than we are conscious of. The simulation becomes more detailed the longer that we have had time to develop it so that in older age our reality simulation is at its most effective. Until we face a trauma. Then the simulation is shown for what it is, an illusion.

Kafkaesque Government Guidelines on Dementia

If the government guidelines on dementia are designed to stimulate research why did they leave out psychology? Why are the guidelines geared up exclusively for organic diseases? Is the pharmaceutical industry running the science of dementia? So many questions, and so many answers, except these answers remain unheard because they come from psychologists.

Down Syndrome and Aging

As people with intellectual and developmental disabilities age, they experience ill-health earlier and faster. They are also predisposed to get early onset dementia. Since most of their caregivers are aging parents, we are witnessing the disconnect between policy and needs of older adults.