The Drug Industry Against Dementia

Who's running the show in dementia treatment? Would a cure make more money?

Reminiscing Therapy and Dementia

Why does remembering the past, as promoted in Reminiscing Therapy, improve the behavior, mood and thinking of people with dementia?

Alzheimer's Disease: Repeating Failures

What we have learned from history is that dementia is complex; why are we simplifying the disease again?

The Rise and Fall of Long-Term Care Insurance

The bankruptcy of a small LTC insurance company does not bode well for the financing of long-term care for older Americans.

The New Killer of Older Adults

There is a new spike in deaths. Is this just an anomaly or will it reverse 50 years of progress in life expectancy? The issue is that it is global.

The Fear of Aging in Trump's New World

Five decades of war on poor older adults will culminate with a nuanced switch in priorities in our federal budget. Reducing Mandatory while increase Discretionary budget spending.

Stroke and the Power of Brain Plasticity

In our ageist view we judge older adults as ready to die and we fulfill this judgement by not helping their brain become re-engaged.

Never Too Old To Grow a "New Brain" Against Dementia

So the good news is that all of us, especially older adults, have dementia. Yes, that is the good news.

Fallacy of Fluid/Crystalized Intelligence in Older Adults

Fluid and Crystalized intelligence are a remnant of an old eugenicist legacy that have no practical or clinical use today. Is it time to discard them?

Suicide: Not All in the Head

The reason why suicide is going up is because we are ignoring its social component. A hundred years of research and we need to revisit Durkheim's suicide theory.

Witness My Life

How witnessing--the act of affirming one's presence and passage in time--can be the love we seek.

If Alzheimer’s Disease Was Treated Like Cancer

Translating The Blue Ribbon Panel of expert advisers basic steps in research applied for dementia. A real set of guidelines for the malady of the 21st century.

The Death of Biological Determinism

A new study shows that genetics are not the sole factors that determine disease.

How Mild Is "Mild Cognitive Impairment"?

Is memory loss the slippery slope to Alzheimer's disease?

Reversible Alzheimer's Disease

Normal-pressure hydrocephalus mimics Alzheimer's disease and is likely to be diagnosed as such. But this syndrome can be reversed in most cases.

Early Emotional Trauma and Alzheimer’s Disease

Trauma in childhood, including emotional trauma are prime candidates for epi-genetic changes that seem to contribute to Alzheimer's disease.

Wrong on So Many Fronts: The Amyloid Cascade Hypothesis

Intellectual honesty is knowing that we do not know. Only then can we let go of long-held beliefs and explore alternatives.

Complexity Theory and Alzheimer’s disease: A Call to Action

Another way out of the research cul de sac

Piaget’s Missing Cognitive Stage

Why did Jean Piaget stop at 11 years when he was developing his theory of cognitive development. Did ageism determine that he saw aging as simply a decline?

Are We Ready to Throw Out Epidemiological Transition?

Our knowledge of infectious diseases is changing how we view emerging pandemics and how we deal with diseases of old age.

A New Paradigm for Alzheimer's disease Research

The zeal to find some biological marker for Alzheimer's disease has been unfounded. Emerging studies are now focussing more on the public health context of the disease.

Too Many Bad Drugs for Older Adults

What type of medications are dangerous for older adults?
The Photographer/

Death of Happiness is Greatly Exaggerated

Is happiness really not important are we just itching for some dramatic results?

The Preservation of Human Energy Through Aging

What does aging teach us about how the body preserves energy?

Is Research Entering Into a New Eugenics Period?

The illusion that Alzheimer's disease is a purely neurological disease has given birth to a new wave of biological determinism promoted by the RDoC classification of mental disease

The Politics of Anguish

Celebrating a century of research in Alzheimer's disease we still find the disease a conundrum. A new book argues that this has been brought about because of politics.

We Are Becoming Gods

While we are behaving more like gods, we are learning that we are less human.

Older Adults Care More

Two main thoughts in modern history: Freud's psychoanalytic theory and Heidegger's philosophy of being both hinge on the concept of death. why is death necessary to explain living?

God, Mathematics and Psychology

This discussion focuses on mathematics as a creation of psychology. Sophisticated, complex and ever evolving, but nevertheless psychology.

Lost With Dementia

What is the best strategy for finding people with dementia who get lost?