Forgive me, but this has nothing to do with risk percepton. Annoyance maybe. Frustration, anxiety...I guess it could have a lot to do with psychology. Certainly sore backs and missed work and long commutes. But mostly it's just a fun little riff on a snowy winter, the bad AND the good. With apologies to Robert Frost, enjoy.

Whose snow this is I think I know.
It's ours, and how the piles grow.
It does not see us standing here
With shovel ready, cold with fear.

My dogs must surely think it hard
To poop in such a snowy yard.
And ponder on this weather strange;
Could this be caused by climate change?

We ready for the storm ahead
With groceries to keep us fed.
Though soft and white and heaven sent,
I'll curse it when my back is bent.

Yet even though it falls so deep
And drivers whine and swear and weep
I'll sled down hills of joy so steep
Down boyhood hills of joy so steep.

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