Video Games Stronger Than Morphine: U.S. Military

The U.S. military discovered that playing video games can be more effective than morphine in treating combat burn veterans—so what is this digital morphine doing to kids' brains?

The Culture Of Violence and Psychologically Vulnerable Teens

We sift through all of the disturbing images and the various horrifying news reports about the Newtown massacre trying to make sense of the senseless. Yes, we hear such words as "evil", but that would be too simplistic, Of course this was a monstrous act that defies logical explanation, but what might we, as a society, learn from this almost unimaginable act of violence?

The Greek Miracle: How Plato Can Save Your Life

Most of us have heard that Plato was a pretty smart and groovy toga-wearing ancient Greek with some pretty trippy ideas, but what life-saving tips can such and old-school philosopher possibly offer the ipod generation?

The Occupy Wall Street Movement: What Would Plato Say?

Are the Occupy Wall Streeters fulfilling some sort of noble civic responsibility? Are they meaningfully engaged in our democracy in a way that would make the real founding fathers of our political system--the ancient Greeks--proud? In short, what would Plato, the man who literally wrote the book, "The Republic," say about our friends gathered in Zucotti Park?

Teenage Wasteland: A Clinician's Front-Line Look at Generation V, The Virtual Generation

They’re young, plugged in, and tuned out. Alone and isolated with thousands of virtual “friends.” They’re globally connected yet perpetually distracted, self-absorbed rather than self-reflective. Apathetic and cynical, they’re not interesting nor are they interested. Welcome to Generation V.

The Scientific Atheism Fallacy: How Science Declares that God Is Dead, But Can't Prove It

A scientist has to be an atheist; that seems to be the pervading popular wisdom these days. Yahoos, snake handlers and Bible freaks are "true believers," but sober men and women of science can't possibly believe in such fairy tales.

Pythagoras and String Theory: Old Wisdom Validated by New Science

Philosopher Bertrand Russell believed that the way we understand our world fundamentally shapes the way that we live our lives. Thus, an anarchist lives a very different sort of life than, say, an Orthodox Jew; an eco-warrior marches to a different drummer than a Wall-Street Master of the Universe. I think we all get that.

The Ancient Greek Path to Wellness

You can't turn on a TV or flip through a magazine today without being bombarded by a variety of so-called "self-help" messages meant to show us ways to either feel better, look younger or love longer; no matter where we turn the dial or flip the page, we see screaming infomercials promising 7 minute solutions to problems that took a lifetime to develop.

The Ancient Greek Cure for Depression and Anxiety

As far as societies go, we’re one stressed out, anxious, depressed and self-medicating mess. Those of us who work on the front-lines in the mental health field know this all too well; others need only to take a careful look around the social-cultural landscape to appreciate that our collective mental health is not too, well, healthy.

Life After Death: The Great Mystery

What happens to us after we die? Human beings have been asking that great, big matzo ball of an existential question since we stood upright and stopped dragging our knuckles in the primordial goo.

Keys to Happiness: Feeling Good or Doing Good?

Oh, yeah. That decadent all-the-toppings Ben and Jerry's double fudge brownie is really going to taste good as you let it go from spoon to joy-spot. Mmm-hmmm. Yes indeed, that chocolaty good-taste is really going to make you feel very, very nice-but for how long? More importantly, will the feel-good effects of that yummy ice cream make you happy?

Reality Cubed: Jersey Shore, the Empirical Sciences and Plato

Sure it's not that often that you utter the words "Snooki", "Science" and "Plato" in the same breath. And hopefully you'll never have to again. But each can illuminate a thing or two about this concept that we call "reality". I'll explain. The Jersey Shore, in all of its tan-in-a-can, embrace your inner-guido vulgarity, has become a national phenomenon.