Permission to Grieve

Are you experiencing a feeling of loss watching your grown child move out? Give yourself permission to grieve, and move on.

Letting Go

Are you freaking out at the thought of your kid moving out? You are not alone.

Pomp and Uncertain Circumstances

Your baby is graduating...are you ready?

Are Music Lessons Really Beneficial?

Wondering if there are any benefits to putting your child in music lessons? Researchers say hell yes!

Tips for Working Parents

How can the skills you use in your career make you a better parent?

Teens and Sex

Afraid to discuss "the birds and the bees" with your teen? Here are a few tips.

Teen Love & Dating in Today’s New World

Does your teen want to date? Check out part two of the three part series on Teenage Dating, Love, and Sex.

Tackling the Tough Topics

A three part series on teenage dating, love, and sex with information and tools to help you talk to your teen about these tough topics.

Teenage Stress

It's a stressful time of year…especially for our teens! Here are a few tips for understanding teen stress.

Why and How to Practice Gratitude

Do you find yourself losing sight of what the holidays are all about? Check out these few tips on how to get back to practicing gratitude.

Focus on the Positive…You'll Live Longer!

Are you a parent battling teenage angst? Taking a positive perspective can help.

Sleeping In

Having a hard time getting your Teen up in the mornings? Read on, and get some tips on how to wake your cranky teen.
Sara Villanueva, PhD

No Tricks & No Treats

Worried about your Teen being pressured to wear sexy costumes for Halloween? Keep calm and read on!

Parenting Teens 101

Got Angst? If you are one of those brave souls out there Parenting a Teenager, this blog is for you!