Stars Who Sexually Harass and Fans Who Love and Hate Them

How do we deal with it when someone we love does something we hate?

On Coping with Political Strife On Social Media and Beyond

A conversation about struggling with what to post on social media in these times of social and political strife.

Wonder Woman to the Rescue

When the world is in chaos, who can set things right? (Cue music): Wonder Woman!!!

Carrie Fisher in Her Own Words

Why Carrie Fisher's death is such a loss to so many

Coping in a Post Election World & the Amy Adams Film ARRIVAL

Feeling stressed about the the election? A film can help you cope.

Using Harry Potter to Address Racial and Other Prejudices

Are news stories about racial tensions causing you anxiety? Research on Harry Potter offers a new perspective on prejudice reduction.

Star Wars: Real Equality Awakens

It may have taken 40 years and we may have had to endure the prequels, but this new Star Wars film really gets the women right.

Must Feel TV

TV fans are addicted to the feelings we experience through our connections with the story world and its players.

A Female Sherlock Holmes? It Ought to Be Elementary!

Don't you think your daughter is smart enough to be Sherlock Holmes? Shouldn't you tell her so?

The Social Layers of TV and Film Fandom

How is watching your favorite show a form of "social media"?

Why We Need Fantasy

What exactly do we get out of watching romantic relationships on television?

Eulogy for My Brother Who Suffered from Mental Illness

A Sister's Eulogy Reflects on the Life of a Sibling with Mental Illness

Body Image Revolution

Positive Psychology is making inroads to helping women feel better about ourselves and our bodies.

Film Appreciation

How our favorite films help us grapple with what's most meaningful in life.

Parenting Tips from Don & Betty Draper? Why We Watch Mad Men

What can we learn about parenting from Mad Men's Don and Betty Draper—fans know.

Selfies and Status Updates

Are too many selfies and status updates telling your friends to back away slowly?

Come Over to My House

New media bring us a new window to the world of everyday people.

Brave New World: Petition Tells Disney to Leave Merida Alone

The Sexualization and Objectification of a Beloved Character Sparks Petition to Keep Merida Brave

Facebook: Lurking, Liking and Life Satisfaction

On Facebook, passive lurking is associated with envy, but active participation is associated with good feelings.

Sick and Tired of Politics? Political Detox Tips

Stressed by political coverage: How to chillax and not Unfriend your politically minded FB and Twitter friends.

Playing an Assassin

When it comes to violence and race in games, the discussion shouldn't always be black and white.

"Hunger Games" for Middle Aged Women

Brides turn to feeding tube diet to try to catch the beauty ideal. Is it time for women to say enough is enough?
The Power of Film as Storyteller: Oscar Nominee “The Help”

The Power of Film as Storyteller: Oscar Nominee “The Help”

Oscar nominee The Help tackles racism and sexism and views motherhood, daughterhood and friendship along the lines of authenticity.

Story and Symbol: V for Vendetta and OWS

We often think of media consumption as a mundane and meaningless experience. I say it’s more than that. I say it’s nothing less poetic than humanity collectively processing dreams, nightmares and inspirations.

The Israeli Tahrir Square: New Media and Politics in Action

The Israeli tent demonstrations: Why are the networks and newspapers ignoring them?

New Study Investigates Stage Fright in Elite Actors

Behind the curtain: actors and stage fright.

Sex Is Too Obscene for Kids, but Violence Isn't? Brown v. Entertainment Merchants

Should entertainment merchants make child protection decisions? The Supreme Court decides they should.
Digital Intimacy

Digital Intimacy

An exposed Congressman underscores how the rules of social engagement have changed in our brave new (digital) world.

I Heard the News Today, Oh Boy

How did you learn about Bin Laden's death? On Television, in the morning paper, or via Tweet or Facebook post?

Modern Love: Digital Connections

Bowie sang that Modern Love "terrifies me." What would he have thought about the way modern love has gone digital?