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People may be more likely to change behavior from concise advice than from a tome, even though the short piece is, by definition, less comprehensive.

So in this series,Short Answers, I answer common practical questions. To date, all have been on career issues. In the next installment, I'll discuss a core relationship question: Should you marry?

"How should I go about landing a job?"

One size doesn’t fit all. Standard advice is to put most job-search effort into networking. But some people are poor networkers: They’re too reluctant to network enough or their efforts have not borne fruit. Such job seekers would be wise to focus their job-search efforts on crafting a fine resume, posting a parallel profile on LinkedIn, doing a solid job of answering lots of on-target ads, setting up alerts on Indeed.com, government sites, and regularly checking Craigslist and niche job sites.

Of course, even introverts need do a reasonable job of interviewing. No need to pretend you’re ebullient. Just be at the top of your natural energy range. Additionally show enthusiasm by asking thoughtful questions in response to your interviewers' questions and comments.

All interviewees should have PAR stories ready: a problem you faced, the clever or dogged way you addressed it, and the positive result. Prepare PAR stories relevant to the job you’re interviewing for.

"Should I be more or less ambitious?"

There’s pressure to be ambitious, and some people should aim high. But others end up striving upward only to rise to their level of incompetence, the so-called Peter Principle. Others do well in higher-level positions but privately,  perhaps even unconsciously, would rather trade the power and prestige of a higher-level position for less stress and more free time. You spend too much time at work to let societal pressure dictate how your level of ambition. Consciously decide how ambitious you want to be.

Other installments in the Short Answers series can be found HERE. I plan to write additional ones and so welcome your emailing me a question you’d like me to address in a Short Answer. They can be about career, education, relationships, even a philosophical question. My email address is mnemko@comcast.net.

Dr. Nemko’s nine books are available. You can reach career and personal coach Marty Nemko at mnemko@comcast.net.

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