Every time I get what I believe is a fresh idea on how to live the life well-led, I archive it as a Twitter tweet. I now have posted 2,312. Today’s and tomorrow’s posts present 60 of my favorites.


The desire to be right usually trumps the desire for truth.

Some people are nice as a way of compensating for their not being good.

It’s easy to be liked: listen more than talk, praise often, and disagree rarely. The question is, is it worth the loss of integrity?

If your communications tend to be unclear, pretend you're talking to a bright 12 year old.

Talking too much is a career killer. Keep all utterances to under a minute &, in dialogue, speak a bit less than 50% of the time.

Long-winded? Constantly ask yourself, “Does the person really need & want to know this?” And keep utterances to under 45 seconds.

Ever get tired of being nice? Tempted to throw caution to the wind and say what you really think? If deserved, even yell?

Giving advice makes the recipient feel less efficacious, so weigh that against the benefit your advice will likely yield.

When you think you can nail someone with your argument, take a breath and see if you can phrase it as a face-saving question.

No matter how brilliant you are, if your style is too intense, most people will dismiss you.

Don’t confuse tact with cowardice. Sometimes, it’s wise to speak up boldly.

Most of us think ourselves smart, bold, individualistic thinkers when in fact we’re tepid if not downright lemmings.

In your desire to stand out from the horde, beware of hyping yourself, your ideas, or taking inappropriately extreme positions.

I used to think, "The the more authentic, the better." I now believe candor often imposes too great a price.


Become a go-to guy/gal at something. It's excellence and accomplishment that makes you like your job, not whether it's in a cool field.

If you have a clearly good idea, to avoid getting talked out of it, get input only on how to better execute it.

Teamwork is deified. Don’t forget the pluses of individualism: more motivation, bolder/less compromised solutions, speed.”

What skill of yours has given you the must success? Use it more.

We dun perfectionism, e.g., as causing procrastination. Yet haven’t your perfectionist efforts yielded the most good & satisfaction?

In managing and parenting, praise when you can, & when you can’t, try invoking guilt, e.g., “I know you’re better than this."

Emotional health

If you've been beaten up in Rounds 1-9, it's hard to come out for Round 10.

If your self-esteem is low, perhaps focus on finding work you can succeed at. Real self-esteem comes from accomplishment.

The data on marijuana grows--SCARY. My PsychologyToday.com article explains & suggests ways to stop: http://goo.gl/rtGkpF

Psychotherapists urge us to find the root cause of our issues but sometimes suppression or even denial is wiser.

More than a little "processing" of past bad experiences is usually counterproductive.

“The Nazis took five years of my life. I won’t give them one minute more.” Boris Nemko.

Marty Nemko's bio is in Wikipedia

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