Bella DePaulo’s article, What Makes People Boring? describes factors that make a person boring. Here, I adapt those into a self-assessment. Rate yourself honestly on each of these.

Part I : Ten-point questions

For the question in this Part, score yourself using this scale:

10: Almost always true

7: Often true

3: Occasionally true

0. Rarely true

1. I take a long time to make my points, perhaps repeating myself. ___

2. I show disinterest in others by talking about myself and when others talk I don’t really listen or change the topic. ___

3. I talk about unimportant things: sports, décor, pop culture, vacation, my children's successes, etc. ___

4. I don’t contribute useful information. ___

Part II:  3-point questions

For each question in this Part, score yourself using this scale:

3: Almost always true

2: Usually true

1: Occasionally true

0. Rarely true

 5. I brag. ___

6. I complain about my problems. ___

7. I’m a “broken record,” always talking about the same topic. ___

8. I repeat the same stories and jokes multiple times. ___

9. I conform to what most people believe. ___

10. I don’t express my feelings. ___

11. I don’t state my opinion. ___

12. I say much less in a conversation than do other people. ___

13. I talk more slowly than do most people. ___

14. I show little emotion. ___

15. I speak in a monotone. ___

16. I establish little eye contact. ___

Utterly unvalidated scoring key

Here’s a nearly arbitrary scoring key:

55-76  Borrrring

35 to 54  Worth conversing with

15 to 34  Interesting

Under 15  Fascinating

The takeaway

Of course, there’s more to being an interesting person than can be captured in a quick self-assessment but perhaps it gives you a pat on the back or suggests an area or two you’d like to work on.

Marty Nemko’s bio is in Wikipedia

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