Will Humans Be Necessary?

Career and personal implications of increasing automation.

Closing: Aging, Luck, Hypocrisy

A short-short story about aging, luck, and hypocrisy.


A short-short story about the ethics of stealing from the powerful.

16 Tweets on Relationships

Short takes on romantic relationships, friends, parenting, and dogs

39 Tweets to Improve Your Worklife

Sometimes, bits of advice can be the most time-effective.

18 Tweets on Emotional Health

Sometimes, a bit of advice can be a time-effective source of improvement.

Employer and Job-Seeker Ploys

Ensuring the best candidate, not just the best-appearing candidate gets the job.

Glass Man

A short-short story about lookism, loneliness, and reclusiveness.

"Should I Kill Myself?"

A short-short story


A short-short story about health care.

Toppling the Boss

Learn ethical ways to oust the bad and to protect yourself if you're the good.


A short short story on when to and not to accept yourself.

A Bomb

A short-short story about suppressed anger.

When You’re Tempted to Be Direct

Tactics on tact...and when to use them...or not.

The Tutor

A short-short story.

The Gift

A short-short story on sacrifice.

Harvard, Schmarvard

The case against highly selective colleges and graduate schools.

The New Job Search Principles

The tactics of old too rarely cut it any more.


Many of life's time-sucking tasks needn't take that long.
Consumer Reports

What Colleges Don’t Tell You

There's much you should know before going or sending your child to college.

Career Care

Maximizing your chances of retaining your job and of getting promoted.

19 and Reclusive

The latest in my series of interviews with reclusive people.

“I’d Rather Not Be a Recluse”

The latest in a series of profiles on reclusive people.

The Scarfmaker

A short-short story about November romance.

Career Decisions

Three poems by a career counselor.

Life Decisions

Three poems by a career and personal coach.


A short-short story on the perils of high self-esteem.

Strong and Kind Negotiation

An interview with negotiations expert Seth Freeman.

A Man and His Dog

A short-short story